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Kalak Ragnose

24-05-2009 05:13:23

Greetings all,

I have opened this thread for new members of Acclivis Draco. My aim is for the new members, anyone from APP-PRT, to come on here, introduce themselves and hopefully, older members, non-summit members will introduce themselves to the young'uns, have a conversation and the new members will have made some contacts and friends in Acclivis Draco because of this.

Please post.


26-05-2009 16:22:31

I think this is a great idea and I for one hope it takes off since we need as many new members to be active as possible.

I'm also posting this response to let any new member know I am still available to serve as a Master. If anyone is ever interested drop me a note at my email address.

Kalak Ragnose

30-06-2009 20:12:06

Kschamehellan has since left the Clan.


05-07-2009 07:33:06

well i'm not soo much new but ya know me and ya love me, the AMAZING ARO-WAN!!!! oooohhhhh-ahhhhhhh

no uh i've been a DB member for nearly 2yrs (dang) but ended up inactive due to RL events, I'm stilll incredibly busy I really wanna jump back into the DB.

I have: EaW, M2TW, and thats about it...


Kalak Ragnose

05-07-2009 16:03:54

Then get your ass back in HAD. We have a feud coming up, ya know. :P


06-07-2009 09:11:19

not really possible for me to do anything... my little sis dropped my laptop and now theres a HUGE FRIGGIN CRACK IN MY SCREEN!!! Q.Q :'( so my pages have to be like 4in big to do anything...

I can get off of rouge tho! (just noticed)

Kalak Ragnose

20-09-2009 13:02:52

In the past two weeks, we've seen six new members join the house. Any new members that have signed up for the forums, please post here


01-10-2009 01:01:18

I am very honored to be a member of House Draco. I look forward to making our house proud and being the strongest dark jedi I know I can be.

Kalak Ragnose

04-10-2009 11:53:46



20-10-2009 19:29:39

Arg... newbies...