Rm Triva 1

Koryn Thraagus

09-02-2009 17:01:13

1. Who is the only member of CSP to have been named Consul on two separate occasions?
2. Name two (2) Battleships and two (2) Cruisers currently owned by CSP.
3. Who is currently the Student of Timbal?
4. How many Dark Paladins of CSP have there been to date?
5. What position did CSP place in the Fourth Great Jedi War: Hunt for the Skin of Fire?
6. What is the motto of the Battleteam Souls of Darkness?
7. Who is the leader of the Jagredite militia?
8. Lobar Aybock was a champion at which fighting style?
9. In what year was Mara Jade Skywalker killed?
10. Dutra Zeneta was an expert in which areas?
11. What are the native species of Aquilaris?
12. On which planet was Wampa Valley located?
13. What force was Col Serra commander of?
14. What was the name of Walon Vauís strill?
15. What sector is the planet Roon found?

Email your answers to me (korynthraagus@googlemail.com). 5th Level Crescents to the first three (3) participants to get the answers correct.