Universal Children's Day Trivia


21-11-2007 16:01:11

REMEMBER: Send all answers to QUA RevengeX at dbrevvy@gmail.com

In an effort to spread knowledge about the world, I have devised a small competition for House Acclivis Draco. Awards are Fifth level Crescents. I originally intended to send these out on November 19, but because your Quaestor was so busy, he forgot about this. So, without further ado, here are the questions:

1. When is Universal Children's Day?
2. When is Children's Day celebrated in Guatemala?
3. During the Cold War, when was Children's Day celebrated in West Germany?
4. In India, whose birthday influenced the date for the country's Children's Day?
5. In what year did a social educator suggest that May 1 should be Children's Day in South Korea?
6. Before 1945, when did North Korea celebrate Children's Day?
7. What is the formal name for China's Children's Day?
8. In what country does Women's Day and Children's Day fall on the same day?
9. In which resolution (I'm looking for a number) did the United Nations decide to establish Universal Children's Day?
10. Where did International Children's Day originate?
11. On which continent (I'm looking for a continent's name) does the country that celebrates Children's Day on October 14 lie?
12. Which country celebrates Children's Day on the same day that remembers an infamous battle against Brazil?
13. When does Venezuela celebrate its Children's Day?
14. Which President of the United States of America proclaimed the country's National Children's Day?
15. What is the "official" name of Turkey's Children's Day?
16. What was the original name of Japan's Children's Day?
17. In Japan's Golden Week, what holiday lies on the day before the nation's Children's Day?
18. What is the capital city of the country that celebrates Children's Day on the last weekend of April?
19. In how many countries (I'm looking for a number) in Central Africa, does December 25 serve as a date to honor children?
20. Which Middle Eastern country has Children's Day on October 9?