Lightsaber Creation Story


26-08-2007 12:50:17

[OOC: This is a run-on between Kalak Ragnose and RevengeX Palpatine only. Please do not post if your dossier name is not one of the aforementioned. Thank you.]
RevengeX placed the datapad back on his desk after having read a message about the anticipated advancement of his pupil, Kalak Ragnose, a Falleen with incredible aptitude. Scholae Palatinae’s Consul, Braecen Kunar, and Proconsul, Phoenix Olkyssagh, had sent it.

The Epis sighed as he pressed a button and muttered, "Summon Jedi Hunter Ragnose, immediately."

"He is coming up now, Your Excellency," replied the uniformed secretary on the first floor of the Dragon's Citadel.

Knuckles rapped on the Quaestor office’s tall door that was pulled open by a hand gesture from the seated Epis. A tall man with a green reptilian figure, Kalak drew an imposing stance amongst most crowds, but at this moment, he was a mere Jedi Hunter in the presence of his mentor and Quaestor. Kalak stepped through the doorway and entered the large room, his eyes immediately falling upon his Master’s emaciated features before he kneeled. The door slammed shut behind him.

“My Master,” Kalak breathed as he stared down at the ground.

“Rise, Kalak.” The voice was tired and light – almost as though the man could be pushed over with an Ewok’s pinky finger.

“I have a new task for you; a task that will determine whether you are strong enough to become a Knight.”

Kalak stood silently as he eagerly waited for his Master to continue.

“You and I will travel to Caina where we will be one of the first to investigate the damage that the Vong inflicted upon the planet. I will brief you on the way.”

RevengeX paused for a moment as he gathered his thoughts around him. So much had happened in so little time. The Vong had swept in and obliterated large chunks of the Brotherhood’s possessions. The Cocytus System had been in the middle of the invaders’ path.

“Make sure you bring weapons for yourself. Meet me at the Tamalar Compound, Drynwyn’s hangar, in one hour.”

With a wave of his hand, the door opened once more and Kalak was dismissed into the hallway.

Kalak Ragnose

10-09-2007 15:28:55

Kalak stepped out of the turbolift, with a black traveling bag over his shoulder and into Drynwyn’s hangar.

All around him were workers, repairing and fuelling vessels. His master was standing by Kalak’s personal Ship, the heavily modified Sheathipede-class transport shuttle, known as Shadow Reaper. As Kalak reached RevengeX, he bowed his head.

“Ah Kalak, right on time. What weapons have you brought?”

“My master. I have brought my Sith Sword, my Litch blade and ten throwing razors.” said Kalak.

“Excellent. We are using your ship. Mine does not have room for both of us.”

Kalak nodded and deactivated the security system. The ramp extended before they walked on.

As they cruised through space, the Quaestor glanced at his apprentice who sat quietly on one of the plush leather seats reading a Datapad and holding a glass of gold wine.

The Krath Epis withdrew another datapad and tossed it at Kalak. With
reflexes heightened by the Dark side, the Falleen shot out a green scaly hand and caught neatly in his palm.

“It says that we are going to retrieve some supplies and assess the damage done and…… another task remaining secret will be started on the successful completion of the other tasks.” read the Jedi Hunter.

He looked up attempting to conceal his enthusiasm and failing miserably. When he saw that he was going to get nothing out of his master he turned back to his other Datapad. RevengeX leaned backed and slipped into a short trance for the short time left of the journey.


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Because Kalak was so pwntastic, I deem the completion of this run-on unnecessary.