Rome Total War-djb


12-07-2007 13:53:24

Please answer I think its a great game and many ways to "Be on the Dark Side if you know what I mean >:)


12-07-2007 14:02:30

I think it should but it probably won't b.c its not Star Wars


12-07-2007 15:27:39

its not a star wars game, and there are much better games out there to add if the DB ever decide to add things like that.


12-07-2007 17:01:14

There are similar discussions about adding games to the DJB's "activities list" all the time. However, as Miranda and Zeron pointed out, "Rome Total War" is not a Star Wars game and thus would not become an "official" game for DJB members to play. We have to remember that we're playing Star Wars! :)

Of course, if you can find other members who play the game, you can always set up online games with them and have a great time!


13-07-2007 19:43:15

I would play it. I have RTW, although I absolutely suck at it :/


14-07-2007 06:08:54

yeah i have it too, excellent game :)


14-07-2007 12:14:44

I think that stategy should definatly be included.

I remember how much I loved Rise of Nations.

I was 'hella good'...!!! :D


16-07-2007 10:07:52

I would play it. I have RTW, although I absolutely suck at it :/

Dont worry you cant be as sucky as me. and even though it isnt star wars it does offer many was to be close to it, you can be a very dark ruler... >:)