Swg Player Rank Signia


03-07-2007 22:38:23

[ROLEPLAYERS ONLY!] I have been accepted to the DB from SWG and I manage(or try to) the City of Scholae Palpatinae on Dantooine. And when I am converse with DB members that i do not know how to address them...:( and I believe there should be a Custom Clothing Part or Uniform(uniforms to be worn only at meetings or town goings)or Player Bio to explain their DB rank.


04-07-2007 08:06:30

In my opinion, I don't think you should be *forced* to show your DJB rank because in the end, we're all peers - no need for titles like, "My Lord" and "Your Excellency." I mean, if you like your DJB rank and want to show it off, go for it! Do whatever makes you happy. :)

Asani Vosa

04-07-2007 09:09:53

got to agree with that statement. We're all just having fun here. anongst yourneymen it doesn't really matter.

Just make sure you always show respect for your comrades.


04-07-2007 09:28:19

forced? no =)


04-07-2007 10:07:08

no, why...?

just always treat people with respect, that way you can't go wrong :)

Kaine Mandaala

04-07-2007 11:12:20

Just use a piece of paper. Get everyone's SWG PA name and associate a rank with them if you really need to know that type of stuff.

An in-game item/clothing won't do well if you can't see them.

Welcome to the DJB, BTW. Hope you have fun.