12-05-2007 22:15:06


I have included all of the types of competitions I could think of late at night...

Vote and tell your House Summit what you want!

Yadar Shyk

13-05-2007 05:53:19

I am one of the gaming and I like JA and JO.


13-05-2007 07:34:52



13-05-2007 15:17:15

For me, fiction that can be used a character development piece. It can serve the dual purpose of expanding the fictional background of our characters and stirring up activity in the House (Hopefully). I tried these in Caliburnus, they didn't work too bad, and that was just after the merge, when we had a plethora of gamers but not many enthusiastic writers.


14-05-2007 18:07:33

I like gfx who doesent? how about Sigs or banners for reports for our QUA/AED/Rollmaster, Random Computer art or with a SW theme of course.

Also I quite like gaming as well even though I am uber rusty on my old favourites Republic Commando rocks though.

(I should also make a new Sig to represent my house and clan silly Zig lol)


15-05-2007 03:19:40

I'm fiction all the way.

though poetry might be nice for a change.


15-05-2007 20:43:47

Hehe, this poll was supposed to be for HAD members only, but I guess it's good to see what other members in the Brotherhood enjoy. :)


19-05-2007 04:36:19

Damn, when I voted I didn't read the run-on option. I'd love to see a HAD run-on sometime soon too.


19-05-2007 15:14:15

I actually have an Idea for a krath type competition, but I think we should open it up to the entire DJB.

Basically the idea is this: Write a screenplay for a 5 minute movie the winner will receive the appropriate medals but as an added bonus they get to see there screenplay come to life courtesy of the DBPA.
In addition the members involved in the making of the film will also receive shinies for there participation.

Just an Idea as we have started making a film but with no plot or screenplay we just do things at random.


22-05-2007 20:55:04

Post 1:
Character Development competitions are an excellent idea... I'll be sure to look into that. I am also going to host "House Development" competitions. More information on those in the near future. :)

Post 2:
I'm definitely looking ahead to plan a House run-on. All I have to do is figure out a time period (after GJW, probably) and a basic storyline. If all goes well, it should be pretty sweet. :D

Post 1:
Graphics competitions for banners (e.g. for reports) would be awesome and make my reports even more "pimptastic!" I'll probably host a few competitions to churn out images of our House's "story." I'll look into these kinds of competitions.

Post 2:
Interesting idea... but one that would make for an awesome competition! If you think it should be a DJB-wide competition, be sure to bring it up to Raidoner and Sarin. Otherwise, I would love to have it open exclusively to HAD members. *Very* nice idea. :)


Gaming Competitions: How would you guys like Ladder/Tournament type competitions? Or do you just want to have the kinds of competitions to see how many Clusters of Fire you can get in a week (winner gets a low-level Crescent)?


22-05-2007 22:39:47 close. Why do you guys make me choose between fiction and games? Torture I say......torture!

Anywho, I vote games. In specific, EaW. I need to conquer something. My ego is deflating. I know I'm a Krath and should be more for fiction and what not but.....I need to pwn something. I'm conquest-starved.


23-05-2007 20:53:33

OoOoOoOo! I can write a screen play! 5 minutes... hmm... that would be a wicked trailer to have when you accessed the Clan site!


Makurth Mandalore

31-05-2007 01:44:49

I know RO's are pretty fun except they have a bad habit of stagnating after a week or so


19-06-2007 09:57:54

Demious: Good thinking... everyone likes to conquer things!

Braecen: :blink: Shouldn't you be doing some Consuling now? :P

Zak: True, but I'll try a run-on competition and see how that goes. Hopefully we can keep it moving along and then, if it doesn't work out, collect feedback and such from people.

Makurth Mandalore

19-06-2007 11:19:24

Nice... CSP is about to get some awesome comps!! :P :P :D


28-06-2007 21:15:14

I know RO's are pretty fun except they have a bad habit of stagnating after a week or so

Actually, RO's are historically our greatest strength. I don't perceive a HAD RO to die out anytime soon.

Besides, some of the most important events in our history took place on RO's. I'd *HIGHLY* recommend one. Hell, I'll run the thing if you want.

But I'd really like to see an ACC ladder comp. Just because. >:)


02-07-2008 04:13:02

I'm for a graphics competition, though fiction comps won't be bad either :)