Ebon Cloak Phyle


21-08-2005 23:25:40

Here is my first report as a TET: (It was not sent to the mailing list due to it's content)

Greetings Tyros!

I am Uzbad Zol Tamalar a Dark Jedi Knight (Henceforth known as DJK) in House Acclivis Draco (henceforth known as HAD), and your new Tetarch (henceforth known as TET). I have been in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood (henceforth known as the DB) for almost 10 months, and served in Clan Scholae Palatinae (henceforth known as CSP) for just under six months. Before being appontied as Tetarch I was RollMaster of HAD for almost four months. I am familier with some of you, and have seen all documented activity from all of you.

I am sending you all this transcript to touch base and see how many of you are at least semi-active. PLEASE REPLY TO THIS EMAIL stating that you wish to remain in CSP, HAD, Ebon Cloak (hence forth known as EC) and most importantly the Dark Brotherhood. Some of you are very active in the Shadow Acdemy (hence forth know as SA) If you keep this activeity leval up, you will be well on your way to easy promotions to the Protector (PRT) level. After that things get more complicated, and I will send you emails on how to cope with new duties at that point.

Also there are other things I would like to see from all my Tyros, IRC activity. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and is the most important part of communication between DB medals, (yes, possibly even more important than email). IRC provides real-time communication between members and is availiable free from www.mirc.com The website says it is only a 30 day trial, but the program can be used after the 30 days are complete, they just want to scam away your money. If you have probles with mIRC just drop me a line and I will see what I can reccomend for your problem.

That concludes my report for this week. Sorry if it seems long winded but i had alot to say.

DJK Uzbad Zol Tamalar (Krath)/TET/Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae [KSOE: ENV] [ACC: WAR]
SC / StA / DC-KC / Cr-1A-3S-4E-2T / CF-BlF / DSS / S:-2R-19Al


22-08-2005 02:43:40

Cheers on the job, Uz. :)


22-08-2005 07:42:40

you could always send the report to the House mailing list. I forgot the address since I never use it but I don' think there will be anything in the report that's not usefull for the whole House.

Just a suggestion that might make it easier on you


22-08-2005 13:46:12

Well, my report had alot to do with seeing who is active and some selling of the brotherhood, so it was only important for those in the phyle. I ddint want to get back a bunch of "I'm active" emails from people not in the phyle, along with the message getting lost in the mailing list stuff.

And thank you, Issard.