Custom sabers far all!


29-05-2005 21:38:12

Yes, I am making sabers. I cannot put them online however because i have no website. but if you ask i will send you an image via email.

Nekura Manji

30-05-2005 05:38:45

The one you sent out through the mailing group looks sweet- good work, Raven!


30-05-2005 11:02:46

Thank you. In fact, that one has already been improved.


14-10-2005 16:27:12

ask Dessan im sure he can get you a free website :)

and can you send one my e-mail? I just like seing different saber designs :P

if you can its


Talon Jade

01-10-2006 18:21:33

If you could make one on an Eagle theme would be cool.


17-10-2006 10:09:51

Raven... ..upload through it


21-10-2006 20:43:57

Oh, don't mean to be a nuiseance, but this thread has been dead for some time. When referring to my sabers please post it in

Custom Sabers Thread

Or refer to my gallery here

Raven's Gallery

If you want to request one, I would prefer an email request, and if/when the request form is up on my site, use it. If its blank, just describe it your best. Talon, I'll speak to you on IRC. Thanks anyway Tyren.