New Emblem/Crest for HMR


01-12-2011 22:48:37

I am looking to see who wants to see a new crest made for HMR. I understand some of the old timers would like to stick to the heritage of the House, but at the same time I have been approached about making a "new" Marka Ragnos and brining it into the new era.

If more people want to see a new crest for HMR then a competition will be made, clan-wide, to have a new crest made to represent the new age of HMR.


02-12-2011 10:04:32

I would like to see it remain the same. I like the current emblem as it holds a lot of history for the House and Clan.


02-12-2011 11:38:17

While i am on Clan summit, HMR is still my home and always will be...on that note, i do not wish to see the emblem changed...but its just has to much meaning behind it to change it completely...

my 2 cents.



02-12-2011 16:45:00

You would have to come up with something pretty great to trump the current motto.


02-12-2011 17:38:05

Well I thank you all for the feedback, I would have been hesitant on changing it as well do to the heritage of the symbol but at the same time I had to ask around since a few people did approach me about changing it. The votes look like it would have been a no anyways. Either way the Grand Master has ruled the logo change a no-go. Thanks again to those who voted and put their two cents in!