The Tuskin Raid Ooc

Kano Tor Pepoi

26-04-2010 11:43:35

If you need to know anything about the run on, want to bring up something, have an idea, anything at all. This is a place where you can talk out of character.

Kano Tor Pepoi

26-04-2010 12:00:57

The new armor I mentioned is displayed on the Night Raptors wiki. I just finished uploading the pic. Sorry for the delay.

Kano Tor Pepoi

26-04-2010 16:21:48

First tip I am going to throw out there is try and make your post descriptive.

Araxis Farron

26-04-2010 18:09:53

Yeah, please no one line posts :P

Also, is there a possibility that I can get some extra additions in being as we are on Tatooine?

Kano Tor Pepoi

26-04-2010 19:39:17


He said that we can allow this run-on to be storyline. We will just make it so that it takes place before the Clan run on that is currently going on. That means anything that goes on can be used as character development and could be added to your wiki as well.

Kano Tor Pepoi

27-04-2010 16:13:08

Everyone is on the ship and on the way towards Tatooine. The location on Tatooine will just be some random location in the desert. It is up to y'all to get us to the planet surface and establish a camp for our team. You can do this in any manor you wish but don't rush through it. Take your time, be descriptive, keep the story interesting. We need to be in a established camp by Monday at Midnight (EST). I am asking this so that I can add in some more details to get the interesting part rolling for the team.


02-05-2010 18:21:52

Alright, so I'm gonna poke in here and Repeat what Kano has said.

Try and make long posts.

It helps build the story and give your character a bit more development.


Great Course to help you boys out in your training.

Kano Tor Pepoi

17-05-2010 19:53:38

The current situation is we are here to rescue Rang Verda, my brother, Roxas has been captured so we need to rescue him as well. The two people in captivity are not to free themselves. YOU ARE CAPTURED AND WITHOUT WEAPONS. You can and should post describing what your character is going through, the pain, the anger, and hatred, describe everything that would be running through your own head if it was you.

As for the people with me. We are coming up onto the camp. It is up to y'all how we are going to do this. Will we be silent stalkers like the Night Raptors should be or are we going to burst in, guns blazing and risking our friends lives. It is on y'all.