Sith Vs Obelisk Week 2


20-03-2010 00:10:11

Alright, this is sadly the final week of the Feud. But it has been fun right? :D

Events for the Week:

Poetry: Create a poem that is at least 3 stanzas long, but has to involve the how the Divine Reborn where able to sneak up to the Disciples of Ragnos.

Fiction: Last week you were a Dark Jedi taking part of the Siege of Mucenic. Again I ask you to be the same Dark Jedi, but now you are faced with the fact that the two battle teams have now encircled the Town. Your fiction is to describe how the Divine reborn character would do when faced against your Character in the Brotherhood, or some other NPC from the brotherhood. Mind you, the Dark Jedi are from ACO to JH, and are not Dark Jedi Knights. Again, you cannot use any of the Lords, since they are named characters and will be used in the run on.

Graphics: Generate a picture that depicts the final battle between the Disciples of Ragnos and the Divine Reborn.
Flash Game:
3 entries, the one who gets the farthest, meaning rounds and distance, wins.

Where is Fremoc currently?
Which team is Bob fighting for?
Who is Fremoc’s Black guard?
Is the DSF involved in retaking Mucenic?
Where are Taigikori and Manji?
Where is Christopher Obsey’s workshop?
What was the original name of the Feud?
What weapon did Obsey put the tracker in?
What time of day did the Divine Reborn attack?
Who requested help for outside resources?
Which team “landed” first in Mucenic?
Who killed the first Divine Reborn other than Fremoc?
Who said, “Come with me if you want to live”?
What was Bal doing while Kalei finally go to the Mansion?
Where did Bob take Darra and Thomas?

Sudoku: Week 2
Two wee events:
SA: People with the highest amount of tests graded, earn crescents.

Run On: Continuation of the story that has been set up. Battleteam with the most posts win the event. Top 3 posters would earn extra points for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Battle Plan: The battle plan is where the Night Raptors and the Night Hawks work as a team to created a plan of attack, using HMR resources to rescue and re-capture Mucenic from the Divine Reborn. This will be in a form of text document so that the teams can list off what their plan of attacks are.

Gaming: RC, EaW, JA, JO, BF2, Report the Games in the Naga Sadow Competition section

Alright everything is due this Friday at 11:59:59 PM EST.. That means anything past those times will not be counted. Any Shadow Academy courses that are graded after that time will not count as well. Also I think the run on will be done by then so, everyone who wants some of th action get to it!

Good luck, and let demons rain people.