Sith Vs Obelisk Week 1


12-03-2010 23:53:21

Poetry: Create a poem that involves HMR in some way that is at least 4 stanzas long.

Fiction: Your battle team has just received word that the Quaestor of Marka Ragnos has been captured and Mucenic. Your fiction for this week is to use the perspective of one of the Dark Jedi under the command of the lords as you begin the siege of Mucenic. Mind you, the Dark Jedi are from ACO to JH, and are not Dark Jedi Knights. You cannot use any of the Lords, since they are named characters and will be used in the run on.

Graphics: Create a picture of the Temple of Ragnos under siege from the Divine Reborn.

Flash Game: [url=
3 entries, top score wins.

Who is the leader of the Divine Reborn?
Who is the only female lord?
Where are the Night Raptors?
Where are the Night Hawks?
Who betrayed the Disciples of Ragnos?
Which Lord is a former friend of Kano?
Where did the Divine Reborn go after the Battle of Korriban?
What faction is the Divine Reborn a part of?
What group helped the Divine Reborn build its knowledge of the Force?
What was the Night Raptors original order?
What was the Night Hawks original order?
Where is Thomas’ hiding spot?
Why are the Divine Reborn attacking HMR?
What is Obsey’s profession?
Where is the current Divine Reborn Headquarters?

Sudoku: Week 1 - Email Fremoc for the excel sheet for this

These are two week events. They are to span the entire length of the Feud.

SA: People with the highest amount of tests graded, earn crescents.

Run On: Continuation of the story that has been set up. Battleteam with the most posts win the event. Top 3 posters would earn extra points for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. - The objective is in the OOC thread.

Battle Plan: The battle plan is where the Night Raptors and the Night Hawks work as a team to created a plan of attack, using HMR resources to rescue and re-capture Mucenic from the Divine Reborn. This will be in a form of text document so that the teams can list off what their plan of attacks are. - I suggest you all use your Battleteam Channels for this. Night Hawks - #night_hawks and Night Raptors - #nightraptors.

Gaming: RC, EaW, JA, JO, BF2, Report the Games in the Naga Sadow Competition section.

All submissions are to be handed in to myself, Manji, and Taig before 11:59:59pm EST on friday 3/19.

Questions? email me.