Sith Vs Obelisk Run Ooc


12-03-2010 10:28:35

Objective: Night Hawks are currently in Kar Alabrek overseeing the construction of the New Ragnos Cathedral, while the Night Raptors are in Markosian City, protecting the Aedile/Governor of Tarthos.

By weeks end both teams should be in Mucenic fighting the Dark Jedi. There is no rescuing going on just yet. Thats for next week's objective people. You have free roam, just don't kill the named dudes yet. :P

Optional objectives? Talk to me :P


13-03-2010 15:42:33

For those of you wondering, I used Equite Force Blast in my intro to the run on.


14-03-2010 00:37:05

For all those Night Hawks and such in Kar Alabrek, I just posted a quick update for all.

Basically if your stuck on how to jump in, we are about to leave the city on our way to Mucenic to kick butt. Were all going to ride in style in one of CNS's A6 Juggernauts, so jump on board and tag along for some fun.

Go Post!


17-03-2010 09:34:56

The Boys of the Night Raptors asked me what one of the Optional Objectives were. As Kano put in his post, he rescued a monk. There are other Monks and civilians in the city that do need some rescuing.


17-03-2010 14:26:41

Also, the boys of the NR got another of the optional objectives, by calling in some outside help to blockade the planet. The main thing here is, I have control over them I will take care of making sure they are where they need to be. Just focus on yourselves boys and girls. :)


17-03-2010 23:33:24

Bob asked for an optional objective, and it was really one that only he could full fill since he knew the area. I must say, nice terminator line boss. :P


20-03-2010 00:08:56

Alright WEEK 2 objective. Start killing Ravened, Remus, Pekka, and Kennex. Look on the Wiki for Divine Reborn, they have rank equivalents. You can also enter the Temple to free Fremoc and kill Antar and Bhindi as well, but you can not kill Drosk.


23-03-2010 21:47:21

Alright, Since I've confused at least one person already I may as well post a bit of an explination here.

In my last post (post 21), Methyas used a widespread Force push to eliminate the candles lighting the main hall of the temple to create a darkened room. Seeing as how its described on the wiki as a central chamber I assumed the only light in the room would be what's coming through the door.
Later in the post I have Methyas use telekinesis to wield his blade as a temporary measure; this is all I'll say about that, if anyone of the surviving member of the Divine Reborn (including an ACO) were to try to attack me right now, I'd be screwed. It was only because I caught Antar off guard did my ploy work, I'm not skilled enough yet to wield a sabre through Telekinesis.

Since I'm posting I may as well continue to say who's left in terms of the Lords and Ladies of the Divine Reborn.

Drosk Nunes, EQ4 - Alive, Overseeing battle of Antar vs Kano
Antar Nakcohh EQ1 - Alive, Dueling Kano
Kennex Mariell, DJK - Alive, On Temple Grounds (assume KIA by Hawks?)

Remus Xemo - Killed by Kano Verda outside Temple entrance
Pekka Yalawari - Killed by Kalei Basai on Temple grounds
Ravened Magnum - Killed by Methyas Arcturi L'eonheart outside Temple entrance
Bhindi Tisa - Killed by Methyas Arcturi L'eonheart in the Great Hall

Hope that helps!