Sith Vs Obelisk Rules


07-03-2010 11:17:20

So here are the rules.

The two battle teams will compete against each other to determine who is the proper elite battle team in HMR. To determine this, each event will have set amount of points. For example, 1st place will have 7 points, 2nd place will have 5 points, and 3rd place will have 3 points. Everyone who participates will earn 1 point. The battle team with the highest amount of points will win the feud, and earn the title of the elite battle team in HMR.

Also as per the suggestion of Kano. The person that earns the highest amount of points in this Feud, will earn the title as House Champion.

Judges: Myself, Taig, and Manji. So all submissions go to the three of us. Emails:,, and You do not need to CC your BTL's or Bob and Bal for this event.

All submissions must be in by Friday 11:59:59PM EST

The Rules for the different events in the Feud:

Gaming: Play Republic Commando, Battlefront 2, Empire at War, Jedi Academy, or Jedi Outcast against an opponent in the other battleteam. Report these games under the Naga Sadow Competitions on the submit scores screen.

Fiction: Simple rules, Font will be Times New Roman 12 point, single spaced and has to be more than a Page.

Poem: Again it will be Times New Roman 12 point.

Shadow Academy: Take as many tests as you can!

Trivia/Sudoku: Pretty simple here, get the complete solution to me the fastest and you win.

Flash Game: Try and get the highest score, and you can only submit 3 entries.

Graphics: No limit on size, just make sure that it is your own work and not copy and pasting someone else's to call it your own.

Battle Plan: This is for your battle team only. Work inside your unit to create the plan, in a step by step fashion.

Run On: Painfully obvious though but there are rules. You can not post after yourself, someone else has to then you can. If there is an objective for the week, then get it done before 11:59:59 PM EST on Friday night. There are optional objectives that can alter the storyline if you decide to do them. There is no one, except for Fremoc and Kalei in Mucenic that are DB controlled Characters. The Night Hawks would start their portion of the run on in Kar Alabrek and the Night Raptors would start in Markosian City. Also, since I will be sitting out of the run on as a Judge and what not, if you find the need to mention my character or Thomas and Darra in anyway, let me know so I can make sure you aren't doing something harmful.

Kano Tor Pepoi

08-03-2010 10:27:07

Awesome. I knew that would be a good idea to bring up.


10-03-2010 22:49:15

Rules updated