Sith Vs Obelisk Plot Updates


03-03-2010 11:53:34


In the days that followed their action on Salas V, the Disciples of Ragnos were settling in with their lives again. Ear piercing screams filled the Valley surround Mucenic, originating from the Pepoi Household. Teu had been pregnant for a while after the marriage of Fremoc and Teu. For six long painful hours Teu was in labor, as Fremoc and the resident medical staff brought the new born baby into the world.

"Teu... It's a girl."

"Darra.. Her name is Darra.."

Weeks later

"I'll take the job, thanks Dyrra!" Teu closed down her comlink and walked over to Fremoc who was holding the baby Darra.

"I already know. Dyrra wants you to be The Bastion's new BTL." Teu looked confused as she had forgotten that Dyrra and Fremoc were good friends and was informed of Kano coming home to Tarthos but also that Raistlin was becoming the Aedile of Ludo Kressh. "You deserve it."

"But what about Darra?"

"Thomas and I can take care of her, and of course her mother can come home whenever she feels like." Fremoc stuck his tongue out at Teu. Within the hour, Teu had enough of her gear to sustain her but she wouldn't have her family. Fremoc holding Teu's hand as they walked to the hidden hangars, where the shuttle waited, along with Thomas carrying Darra. The family finally entered the hangar, the tech crews and pilot waiting.

"Quaestor Pepoi, the shuttle is ready," said the Pilot.

"Thanks. Well sweetheart it's time."

Teu looked up at him with tears in her eyes, "I know. I'll see you all soon. Especially you, Darra." She leaned down and kissed the infant's forehead, followed by kissing Thomas' forehead and ruffled his hair. The young woman reached up and pulled off the cloth that covered her husband's cybernetic eye. Fremoc gave her a quizzical look. "What? I like to see you with two eyes. I'll be home as soon as I can." She kissed him and walked reluctantly up the ramp into the shuttle with Darra beginning to cry. The shuttle lifted off and headed through the waterfall, as Fremoc and Thomas walked back to their home through the Catacombs giving the two enough time to calm the new born. A shiver ran up the Templar's spine as they reached their home, and immediately reached out in the Force to check on his wife. Sensing that everything was fine, he expanded his senses and felt something out on the edges of the Sepros System.

"Thomas take Darra inside. I have a call to make." Thomas did as he was told and brought the child to her crib before hiding behind the door listening to his father's call. "Bal, did you sense that?"

"Yeah I did. What is it?"

"I don't know... Put the Raptors on standby, and prepare to retreat back to the Temple." Fremoc shut off his comlink and walked inside noticing Thomas.

"What is it dad?" Fremoc without a word beckoned his son into his room where his equipment was stored. He pulled the lightsaber he had been using for the last year off the rack.

"Practice with this because Darra's protection is your top priority."

"Understood, Dad."

"Something's coming..."


04-03-2010 22:32:00


A few days later, Fremoc moved through a windstorm in Mucenic, his robes flapping. The disturbance he had felt was haunting his mind, but it had caused him to remember a report that Kano had brought to him back when he was an Aedile. The Templar moved his way through the Temple of Ragnos and down to the Catacombs underneath Mucenic. His old office, as well as Bob's, was down there. He walked through the door and walked towards the desk that was covered in dust. Fremoc began to leaf through the various papers and reports that he had there until he found the one he wanted.

It was Kano's report after he returned from Elom, battered and scarred.


The Divine Reborn is strong. They have 6 Lords, that commands 6 to 12 other Dark Jedi. There is one man that is the leader of the whole organization.

More information in the databanks of my helmet.


Fremoc sighed and remembered the other bits and pieces of information. The leadership in the Divine Reborn was comprised of mostly humans, except for a female Twi'lek. The other Dark Jedi where various species, including Mon Calamarians and Ewoks.

He walked back out of the Catacombs and stood in the rain and watched a small transport travel over the small village, carrying Kalei Basai, his new Black Guard. Bal was upset to see her leave but it was Kalei's turn to serve as a Black Guard. There was only one thing he needed to do, prepare Kalei and Thomas for an attack.


"My lord, we have the weapons maker of those so called Disciples of Ragnos," said Lord Kennex Mariell, the human from Agamar.

"Good. Bring Christopher Obsey in," ordered Master Drosk Nunes. Four member of the Divine Reborn, walked in with the weaponmaker, into Drosk's office on Elom. "Chrisopher Obsey."

"Y-y-yes?" Obsey stammered, he had been woken in the middle of the night and brought to Elom, bound, gagged and blindfolded.

The leader of the Divine Reborn walked toward him handing the weaponmaker a tracking device. "Put this in one of your weapons for the Disciples of Ragnos."


"Because if you, we will reward you with something far better than those so-called Disciples could." The eyes in Christopher Obsey flashed as he imaged what he could earn in return.

"It will be done."


11-03-2010 11:29:35

Khar Delba

Christopher Obsey moved through his work shop with the tracking device debating on where he should put it. Every weapon he made where in crates except for one. The Osseous he was making before he was kidnapped was in pieces on his work bench. Obsey began to assemble the weapon and press tracking device into the core before finishing the weapon. He brought the weapon over to the crate and put it inside. Obsey shakily walked over to his comm terminal and dialed his Disciples of Ragnos contact.

“I have your weapons ready,” the weapon smith said.

“Good, I shall be there shortly,” came the reply from the hooded Dark Jedi. Time seemed to go by slowly as Obsey waited for his contact to pick up the crates of weapons. To pass the time, he sent a message from his comm terminal to Drosk, telling him that the tracking device was placed and the Disciples were picking up their shipment of weapons. He heard the noise of the transport going over his workshop and landing outside. There was a knock on the door followed by a voice, “Obsey, the Disciples are here."

Obsey walked to the door and opened it for the Disciple who immediately walked in. Christopher stayed off to the side as the Disciple checked out each weapon, and made sure nothing was wrong with them. Once he was satisfied, he used the Force to lift each of the crates off the ground. The Disciple guided the crates into his transport and set them in the cargo hold. He walked back into the workshop and stood in front of Obsey.

"We won't need your weapons any more Obsey," said the cloaked Disciple. Before Obsey could respond, the Disciple plunged his lightsaber into the weaponsmith's heart and turned around to leave. "We do not want you telling any one of our organization since we no longer need your assistance."

The weaponsmith's face contorted in shock as he fell to the floor, and darkness took him as the transport lifted off the ground.

En Route to Mucenic

"Obsey is dead, and I have the final shipment of our weapons," said the Disciple.

"Good, bring them to their usual spot and then head over to Kar Alabrek, Ekeia Iclo needs your help Bob," came Fremoc's distorted response.

Immortal Tomb

"Thomas, if I or Kalei say run and hide, you come here," Fremoc said. They were in the Quaestor's Box, in the Immortal Tomb arena. Only Fremoc, Bob, only a select few of others knew how to get there.

"Okay Dad."

"I mean it son, you hear those words, you grab Darra and run."

"Dad, I got it."

"Okay." The two walked back to their home, so Fremoc could get some work done before going to bed.

Outskirts of the Orian System

"My lord, the so-called Discples of Ragnos are on the planet Tarthos," said Lord Remus to Drosk.

"Good, we will strike when they are well into the night."


Bob had returned and dropped off the final shipment of weapons and continued travelling over to Kar Alabrek to assist Ekeia with an issue she was having. Fremoc walked into his son's room and looked at him sleeping. There wasn't much he needed to do for the rest of the evening, and decided it was time for him to go take a rest. The Templar climbed into his bed and allowed himself to fall into a deep sleep. He didn't sense the Divine Reborn's transport landing outside the city.