Black Guardsmen

Muz Ashen

27-03-2005 21:03:07

Manji Announced earlier in the week that Epis Xizor has been nominated as his Black Guardsman, granting him use of the very highly specialized Black Guard Armor and access to upper echelon Clan meetings.

A few moments ago, I announced my own Black Guardsman in Macron Goura.

He also gets to wear the Armor i had especially made for my Guardsmen, shown below.

Congrats to both of you.

Manji, get me some info, and i can draw your armor up also.


29-03-2005 15:12:54

ThAt ArMoR iS aWeSoMe! ThE oNlY tHiNg I cAn Do iS mAkE mY tExT lIkE tHiS. :huh:

Nekura Manji

29-03-2005 15:47:02

Heheh... don't forget, since we'll be holding trials every month, you might have a chance to become a Black Guardsman and wear the pimp armour :D Although the stuff he's making for my Black Guardsman is so much more awesome :P


31-03-2005 16:34:44

What do you mean "every month"? How many guards could you possibly need?

Muz Ashen

31-03-2005 16:38:50

every person who gets a guardsman only gets one.

But every other month or so, (per goat) there is a recommisioning, where the existing black guard takes on all challengers to retain the position, and possession of the bad-arse armour.

Much like a clan level version of the royal guard.

Muz Ashen

01-04-2005 21:08:46

Behold, the wickedly eastern armour of Manji's Black Guardsmen.

Macron Sadow

01-04-2005 21:13:59

Sweet! Nice naginata!

Nekura Manji

02-04-2005 06:37:19

Dude, you rock so much it's almost impossible. I love it! ^_^


02-04-2005 22:00:11

Im sooooo gonna win manjis comp...


03-04-2005 05:33:35

Ummm, Xhedias.... I did. :P

Nekura Manji

03-04-2005 06:01:40

Heheh... looks like you'll have plenty of people trying to steal your position, Xi :P


03-04-2005 17:27:40

Heh. They can always try.


04-04-2005 14:28:12

Thats ok, i WILL take it next time.


04-04-2005 14:36:23

Sure you will. ;)


05-04-2005 04:11:11

* laces Xizor's drink with something extremely alcoholic. Thinks to self *

'Perhaps if he's drunk I can whisk away the armor without him figuring it out...'



05-04-2005 05:18:36

I don't drink, Konar. ;)


05-04-2005 06:45:16

Sucks to be you? :P


05-04-2005 07:37:04

Not really. ^_^


05-04-2005 08:56:37

Oh God! Another smoker...

And don't say you don't smoke cause I know you DO!!! :P


05-04-2005 11:09:53

I don't smoke, either. :P


05-04-2005 13:40:15

So you dont dont smoke? Are you one of those sexyoholics? :w00t:


05-04-2005 15:10:39

Perhaps. ;)

Muz Ashen

05-04-2005 16:29:03

He'd better be.

What, do you want to live forever?

Nekura Manji

06-04-2005 04:18:57

Hell yeah. It's quite obviously the key to eternal life. :D


06-04-2005 07:27:03

I could always try to get that armour :P
and I suggest you all run for your lifes now I am back ^_^


06-04-2005 07:57:03

I don't smoke, either.


I thought people went green when they smoke too much. Therefore, obviously the fact that your character smokes must have some input from you :P

If I'm devilishly wrong (which is very rare :P), please tell me the substance you get stimulated on, cause I'm dying to know... :P


09-04-2005 04:19:54

One word? Women. ^_^


06-05-2005 08:44:30

Now that I'm Xizor's Blackguardsman, do I get to wear that pimp ass armor you made for your blackguardsman when you were Quaester Muz?

Macron Sadow

06-05-2005 09:31:42

Congrats, Lech!


06-05-2005 09:51:23

thanks MG

Macron Sadow

06-05-2005 10:44:09

I know what to do to make him smile....

*brings Xizor three really hot Twilek women, one in each color*

There, how about that?

Muz Ashen

06-05-2005 10:45:07

Well, the BG armour i made for my black guard stays with me... Macron still wears it... If you want to wear that mess, you'll have to beat him when I do my next reassignment of the Guard.

But, I am working on a new armour kit for permanent fixation to the HMR Aedile's BG.... as soon as i get it done, i'll put it up...

Macron Sadow

06-05-2005 10:47:52


Just you try it... grr! ;)


06-05-2005 13:10:06

Now that I'm Xizor's Blackguardsman, do I get to wear that pimp ass armor you made for your blackguardsman when you were Quaester Muz?

No, you will be wearing cooler armour. ;)

Nekura Manji

10-05-2005 17:02:28

What could be cooler than the black samurai armour Muz made for my Black Guardsman? :D


10-05-2005 18:36:01

Red samurai armour made by muz for your BG?

Shinichi Endymiron K

16-06-2005 16:28:08

ok I want in. What do I have to do? Who do I have to kill? Will there be any travel involved? And most importantly do we get benefits like insurance 401(k) etc...? Seriously that armor is awesome and I want some and I'll fight anyone to get it. Just point and command. I'm loyal like a dog but smarter and more dodgy. Oh and I come equiped with my own lightsaber and graphic making abilities, and kung-fu grip. Plus...I've got my own ride. So I'll be at work everyday.

- Resume and References available upon request.

Nekura Manji

17-06-2005 14:36:31

Heheh... basically, each month we have a competition to determine who gets to be the Black Guard of the House Summit. At the moment, I'm basing my next Black Guard on who is the most active in a big competition I'm running entitled Operation: Frozen Fortress- but that's available to a select group who volunteered when it started, before you got here. After the competition's finished, a month after that you'll be able to have a shot :D

Shinichi Endymiron K

17-06-2005 16:42:06

So every month you've got to compete to keep your job?

Nekura Manji

18-06-2005 12:33:14

Yep, that's how it works. It encourages competition and means that you don't just get the same people staying as the Black Guard for eternity without working for it. ^_^

Macron Sadow

18-06-2005 12:48:51

Don't worry, I'll be working for it. :)

Shinichi Endymiron K

29-06-2005 09:30:32


Macron Sadow

29-06-2005 09:52:27

Congrats, and welcome to the skull-busting club! :)

Shinichi Endymiron K

30-06-2005 21:16:54

Hells Yeah. >:)


08-09-2005 11:57:31

......I think Manji and Muz need someone like their little sister as a BG....

*contemplates drugging both Mononoke and Shin'ichi*

Macron Sadow

08-09-2005 12:43:34

Well, I'm not a BG anymore Miho..... now I have one. lol

Muz Ashen

08-09-2005 12:57:19

Yesh... Sanjuro "Sledge" Keibatsu has replaced Macron as my Black Guard.
And if i recall, Revenant is Macron's Black Guard.

Macron Sadow

08-09-2005 14:13:48

yep. BTW... drugging an alchemist? *giggles*

prolly wouldn't work, or else I'd enjoy it in character.


08-09-2005 15:16:15

Yea, im to sweet to have one or be one, thats how awesome I am.


08-09-2005 16:28:43

Well....I'll just drug Revenant, Sanjuro, and Shin'ichi then....

I win. I'm cuter than all of you.


Shinichi Endymiron K

11-09-2005 01:33:36

Girlie Be advised, I'm mean nasty and angry. I eat concertina wire and piss napalm and I could put a round through a fleas ass at 300 yards. :D


11-09-2005 03:15:21

Do not make me injure you, Shin'ichi......

Nekura Manji

11-09-2005 04:32:03

Children, children, please. Don't force Manji to kick you both in the ass. ^_^

At some point Manji will recommision his Black Guard, so Miho, you'll have a chance to get in then ^_^


17-09-2005 09:29:37

well, muz, since you've done black guard armour for everyone else, don't suppose you'd do some for me? you can see a character image (courtesy of Lanius Sin #5507) on my ACC character sheet for an idea of the imagery i'm going for...


04-10-2005 20:32:29

yaaay I get cool armour, al of you are fired >:)

Kat Pridemore

16-10-2005 17:01:40

Congrats to the New Black Guard.

Jonus Rai is still my black guard, but, a few new faces have joined us.

Kat Pridemore


31-10-2005 08:00:24

*is glad she wouldn't have to wear such an amor* :D

I prefer the simple black robe - and maybe sometimes a black cloak. Nothing more, nothing less.


Oh by the way.. are we in "Pimp my armor"? :D

Oh - who wants to see how Sildrin looks like? (under Gallery)

Here a few examples

Sildrin - The Force
Sildrin - Dressed in a robe
Sildrin - The Sword

Nekura Manji

31-10-2005 16:15:44

Coool drawing- that's really good, Sil!

And I'm sure Muz could make the armour more... *cough* flexible... for you :D