"i Have An Idea"


18-12-2008 09:13:25

Hello there,

If you have an idea, comment or feedback you would like to post to help develop HMR please feel free to drop it in this thread and it will be looked at by your leaders.

Thanks. :D


20-12-2008 08:30:01

OK, here is something.

1) HMR Current Home. Is everyone happy with the new digs or would you prefer to go back to how it used to be in the Ragnos Cathedral; everyone under the same roof.

2) Disciples of Ragnos. I personally find the new version a little bare, so I thought I'd get the your take on it. Is the new version better or can something be done to flesh it out.

Input? Feedback? Comments?

Zaxen Dauketrenal

20-12-2008 08:58:01

1. I for one like the fact that Ragnos Cathedral was attacked as it is now within our current clan plot line. I am not sure if I want the Cathedral completely wiped out though...I did have a bit invested in that library after all :D . I think it should be damaged but have somethings salvageable for a later time.

2. I think the Disciples of Ragnos should be revisited all together. We had a good original system but was perhaps a bit much seeing as how we had our DB ranks, and we threw in ours and the Nighthawks had their system... its a lot to keep up with. I liked the old system very and I am thinking we can give those old ranks a bit more clarification and functionality otherwise we run the risk of it just becoming fluff.

I think the most important thing to do with the DoR and something I have been working on lately is the extended history of the Disciples of Ragnos and how it ties into the Clan Naga Sadow. For instance how can a Disciple of Ragnos ALSO be a Disciple of Sadow with out completely destroying the canon? It is questions like this I am exploring and attempting to solve and would love to work with everyone on. Naturally we would start encroaching into the Clan's history and would likely require a joint effort from the other house and the conclave...but I think that is a good thing anyway.

I do however wish to bring back the Progeny and the Scions back to its original form as a high end honor that is to the side of the caste ratings. The original concept being those members who show promise and desire for leadership and would serve along side the summit, receiving leadership training and experience. Make it a nice fictional honor with a functional use.

I would also like to re-explore the honor point system and the "purchasing" of artifacts, land, ships, special weapons (ACC?) and the like. The feed back from that idea was well recieved last time it was spoken about in the August / September time frame.

You know me.. DoR is like my baby.. I can go on all day about it. Anyone else with ideas or feed back on this?


24-12-2008 15:24:09

1) I much prefer having a central base of operations for the House where everyone can live. Military Fortress + Barracks type deal. Although the fact it was attacked did make for good story. I agree with Zaxen a bit on this one.

2) I love the Disciples of Ragnos as it is now.