Ravana Squadron Information

Kah Manet

12-06-2008 21:01:01

Hey Ravana Squadron Mates and...Matettes..?

I think we can all agree that everyone has a place to find everything you need in one place that is easy to find. So, within this topic, I will be updating weekly things that people can do, maybe bi-weekly. This allows Ravana Squadron to be as neat, organized, and effective as possible. We may not be the Night Hawks, but we can become greater then them if we try.

We'll start things with Comps.

Character Development Comp

Quote the Star Wars Movie 5

HMR Video Challenge

Journeyman Competition

Meditations of the Force

HMR Got Talent

Gangs of Seng Karash

Macron's Jedi VS Sith Facebook Duels

A Quaestor's Funeral

Trivia Competition

Woo...that's a pretty decent list...Anyways, I think each of you should do at least 1 of these comps, don't forget to CC Tsing when you do so, otherwise he'll have no idea what's going on. Also, it'd be nice if I was CC'ed as well, but not necessary. Please don't forget to CC Tsing on all submissions, CC Nassin on all submissions, and CC Myself on all submissions.

The list of comps has been updated, removing all competitions that have been expired.

Next time I post an update, I should have more of a selection for you to do, as I'm sure Tsing and I will have popped out a few comps.

I want to clear one rumor up. No, I am not, nor have I ever been, Pamela Anderson...I'm sorry to disappoint any of you.

Stayed tuned true believers and skeptics alike....

Your Favorite little Flight Leader

Macron Sadow

12-06-2008 21:14:10

Well done Fenris!


13-06-2008 12:50:32

Good job indeed. Don't forget to cc Nassin as well. ;)

Kah Manet

16-06-2008 20:37:10

Hey, little bit of an update!

I'm running a new Competition, this is a little different though. It's for all of HMR, but should still be fun for you guys to participate in.

Fight the Wolf

This should be fun for all of those that have things they want settled, and in the words of Kaek, "The Results from this should be *quite* messy" Which is just what I like. This will be the first of many competitions I'll be spitting out, so please try to do as many as possible.

Email the submissions to Me, but CC Tsing and Nassin as always.


Your Lovingly Awkward Flight Leader,



19-06-2008 10:54:53

Don't forget the Orian Uprising Comps Ashia mentioned.

Orian Uprising: Tron's Dirge

Orian Uprising: Execute Order 13