Feb Weekly Trivia


01-02-2008 14:08:49

WEEK 1 (1st to the 7th):

1: Who founded HMR?
2: When was HMR founded, in fictional years?
3: Who is Quaestor of HMR?
4: Who is Aedile of HMR?
5: Who is Rollmaster of HMR?
6: Who is House Envoy of HMR?
7: What is the name of the planet HMR is located on?
8: What is the name of HMR headquarters?
9: How many QUA's has HMR had so far?
10: How many AED's has HMR had so far?

Please send you answers to ashura.isradia@gmail.com and faeril.munlear@gmail.com. Do not reply to this thread or you will be disqualiftied for this week.