Dark Knights


31-01-2008 04:56:17

Tekryn had seemed to walk alone on his journey into the dark side so far, without the support, the protection even that other Jedi now gain when training in the Brotherhood's mysteries. The Nautolan had joined the brotherhood in search of freedom, power and the knowledge he had always yourned for. With opportunity all around him, Tekryn began his training vigerously to not take advantage and lose out on even the smallest ounce of progression.

He pushed himself, body and mind, day and night, from the moment he was assigned to House Marka Ragnos. For this house was where he would make his name. From Marka Ragnnos all would recognise Tekryn Fenkath as the eventual Krath scholar of enormous power. His training, as all should, began with the study of his teachings in the Shadow Academy. There Tekryn would pass as many courses as possible, consuming all the knowledge he could before moving into the action of the Brotherhood.

Soon though, Tek became known around the House and even the entire Brotherhood. The "Rising Star of the house" he was even refered to, though he tried his hardest not to let it inflate his head. He did, around his strict training routine, find time to wander through the house and clan to meet his fellow dark Jedi. Those he felt most comfortable working with soon became clear, Faeril Munlear seemed very welcoming and helpful to Tekryn. Xander was always trying to push Tekryn and ensure he never failed in his training and Ashura had been watching from her position and would every now and again lend a helping word.

Tekryn was warmed by the number of people offering their aid in his progression of the Dark Side, though he was still uneasy about taking a Master. More so because he enjoyed his solitude and working toward his own goals, and through that, he doubted if there would be a Master in the Brotherhood willing to allow Tekryn that freedom...


31-01-2008 09:34:53

Sai Keibatsu walked the passages of the Shadow Academy, fresh from receiving his newest certificate indicating his passing of yet another course. Since being initiated into the Krath Priesthood Mysteries, the importance of academia had been newly impressed upon him; he had over time had developed into one of the Clan’s best warriors, but martial skill, he knew, was nothing without wisdom to temper it.

He rounded a corner, and nearly ran headlong into a Nautolan, who was similarly engrossed in his own thoughts. The two stood without words for a heartbeat, then, when Sai’s power and rank became apparent to the Nautolan, the Protector spoke first.

“Apologies, Rollmaster,” he said, and with a slight nod of his head, continued on his way.

“Protector,” Sai replied, acknowledging the deference as he watched him go.

Sai produced the tool of his office, the datapad that held nearly every iota of information on the members of the Clan. Scrolling through the entries, he allowed a small grin to form on his face as he thought of the Nautolan. 'Strong, respectful...but confident,' he mused, recalling the glint of defiance in the Protector’s eyes. He halted at the entry he sought.

“Tekryn Fenkath of Glee Anslem...self-starter, motivated,” he said aloud to no one in particular. The wheels of machination began to turn in Sai’s calculating mind; here was a Dark Jedi with a touch of destiny about him, one who could benefit from the kind of training Sai had to offer...

...should he decide to take advantage of it.

As the Rollmaster made his way back to his shuttle, he mulled the possibilities over in his mind. Every Dark Jedi who took on an Apprentice ran the risk of destroying a Force-user of vast potential, thereby robbing the Brotherhood of another tool designed to hasten them all towards the Final Way; that, or of being destroyed themselves by the very ones they groomed in the ways of the Dark Side.

Sai recalled his own Master, and the hands-off approach that he himself had benefited from; he decided it would be worth the risk, and the lurching of the shuttle as it quit the Shadow Academy’s docking bay seemed to confirm that a new chapter in the Keibatsu’s career could be beginning.

He activated his terminal, and began to compose a message.

“Greetings, Protector...”


31-01-2008 11:28:07

Tekryn noted the somewhat graceful prominence of the Rollmaster as he walked away. The Protector had been eager to meet the members of the higher echelons of his clan, though he didn't for a second think that he would be bumping into one of them through the halls of the Academy. Sai Keibatsu was a respected Rollmaster within the clan and Tekryn had just turned a corner, almost knocking them both flying. The Nautolan was impressed though, by the unprotencious aura of Keibatsu. He was sincere as the Protector apologised, even a hint of apology in hismelf.

Tekryn was going to take yet another course for the Academy. He had been focusing on the history examinations since his arrival in the Brotherhood and now only had one other course to take in that specialisation, a target he was determined to complete before moving off the subject. Though as he walked, the Protector could do nothing but think of his brief meeting with the Rollmaster. While short, he was able to conduct much from the Priest. Tekryn had felt the power and knowledge flowing through Keibatsu and it was great.

He knew that it would not be last meeting he would have with the Rollmaster and was pleased it was so. Perhaps Sai Keibatsu would be the person Tekryn had been looking for, someone to show him the ropes and be there if he ever needed the support.

Reaching for his comm receiver beneath his robes, Tekryn listened to a message as he wandered down the long passageway lined with stone. The message was from Keibatsu! He was stunned that so quickly after their encounter, Sai had been in touch. It was an offer, a proposal for the pair to work together and gain mutual experience.

He wan'ts to be my Master... Tekryn whispered to himself as he imagined the endless possibilities of such a pairing. Taking the chance to smile at the sky as he left the Academy, Tekryn would head back to his house and quickly responed to Keibatsu. He would not allow this opportunity to slip away.