Ravana Squadron - Classroom Runon


19-01-2008 18:09:47

Xander walked in and looked around the room, which consisted of a number of chairs and desks arranged in facing the front where he stood. The lecture hall had fairly comfortable seats and a number of students were sitting at their desks talk to each other.

xander cleared his throat "Ok, ladies and gentelman, welcome to Ravana Squadron, I would like you all to take your time to stand up, introduce yourself, and tell use a bit about why you feel you belong to the brotherhood"

Xander turned around and wrote this out on the board

Start as you wish

(In the Runon you will start off by standing up and introducing yourself, then I want you to also describe the room as your character see's it. Also feel free to have interactions with your fellow students, both Real, and fictional as the classroom contains both real and imaginary members.


26-01-2008 08:42:12

The room was enormous, hall or chamber would have suited the name more over. He had been early to his first session with the team and taken the spot in the centre of the tables and chairs before the others had arrived. Tekryn would never sit down unless he was called to meditation, only then did crossing his legs and crouching to the floor become necessary. Glancing around the empty hall, the Acolyte was suprised. It was for the majority a plain room with the exception of seven portraits hung directly above where he imagined the lecturer would stand. They were intricate and delicately designed pieces of art work dedicated to the current members of the Dark Council. It did not make the Nautolan ponder even, that the room was so pale and lifeless. He understand the value of knowledge deeply and the creation of the room, within which he would now study, was for that purpose only. Decoration and ellaborate design would have only distracted the attentions of the students.

Soon the hall would be lined with leaners, Tyro's of the house Marka Ragnos and Tekryn would meet them for the first time, interact with others who shared his passions.

Stood almost directly in line with Xander, Tekryn felt it easy for him to be the first, exceptionally so as the majority of eyes in the room fell to his position. Adressing Xander, and the other members of his team in turn, the Acolyte pondered his life and how best to sum himself to a group who more than likely cared very little about where he came from.

I come from Glee Anelsm, the Sabilon region to be precise. There we were constantly attacked by the ferocious Anselmi as i was growing up. My family had done well though, my father the High Councillor of the Nautolan of Glee Anselm and my mother the dauther of a Senator. My mother died when i was young though, due to the Anselmi. That particular attack forced my father to pass new measures before the Councils and my family were soon declared the first family of Sabilon, a great honour which had not been bestowed on any other for over 2,500 years. When i left Glee Anselm it was for one purpose. Knowledge and power. I despise those not strong enough to defend their own and i want to take everything i can as mine. Im here to further the strength of the Dark Side of the force, though my obvious aim is to grow in power and consume knowledge during my time with the Brotherhood. I may not know many of you for very long, and those i do will clearly be the stronger of the pack.

Tekryn had never been one for humour...