The Long Goodbye!


07-01-2008 10:39:46

This is a Master/Student Run-On between Ashura and Tash, as part of Tash's Dark Jedi Knight Trials. Please do not post in this thread unless you are the two people just mentioned. However, all are free to read and enjoy

Plot Summary: Tash finds himself waking up on unknown planet where he has to learn to survive or die, on top of this he has to deal another of his Master's apprentice he never knew existed.

Main Characters:

Tash Dreytila Yamayura

Sakura Haruno

Minor Character:

Ashura Isradia

Plus others to be written in depending on plot development.


The object of this run-on is for Tash to post ten (10) times that meet the requirements below.


(see ACC Training Annex for details on those)

Character Development
Plot Development

(see Ashura for more details on those)

Each post will be grade in the top of Ashura's follow post as follows:

Writing/Realism/Continuity/Lengh/Character Development/Plot Development

If any of those are marked in red then it will not be a pass mark. Remember, you need to post ten (10) times in the green on all of those, Tash.

Do not post comments on this thread, it is all In Character, any Out Of Character questions can be asked over IRC, Thank you. Lets begin.


Tash woke slowly to realise something was wrong, he should be laid in his nice warm bed in his room in the Ragnos Cathedral; instead what he was laying on was hard. The young man of Echani and Human mix opened his eyes to find his surroundings were that of a forest.

“What in the Hell?!?”

The Near-Human was confused, how did this happen, how did he go from his room to the middle of no-where. What suddenly made it worse that he realised he was considerably underdressed. All he had on where the light black trousers his slept in, that was all. It was like someone had picked him up out of his bed and brought him to this place.

Yamayura realised he no food, no water, nothing on him that he would need to survive. Hell, he didn’t even have any weapons or communication device to call for help. And to add to this, he sensed he was being watched from somewhere.

The Dark Jedi decided to explore as he didn’t want to stand around being idle, he wandered aimlessly for a while searching for a way out of this forest, but it seemed to go on and on, as if forever.

What annoyed Tash the most, apart from being stranded here, was that feeling he was getting was not going away. He was being watched.

“I know your there!”

Tash finally yelled as he looked up at the trees, finally letting all the frustration out. “Why don’t you just show yourself?”

He stood there for a moment, wondering if he was going mad or if there really was someone there. His answer can as something dropped from the trees down. Dreytila held out his hand and caught it before it the floor.

The metal object in his hand was a holographic communication device; it seemed someone wanted to talk to the Jedi Hunter. Tash pressed the button to activate the device and placed it on the ground. In mere moment he found himself face to face with the holographic representation of his Master, Battlemaster Ashura Isradia.

“Greetings Apprentice, you are probably wondering by now what you are doing here. The answer to that question is simple; you are here to survive or to die. I have tried to teach you what it means to be Dark Jedi, to remove all weakness from you. This is your ultimate test. As far as I know there is no way off this planet except through the shuttle I brought the two of you here, the shuttle I left in. That’s right Tash, the two of you. As you are no doubt aware by now, you are not alone here. Watching you now, as you watch me, is Sakura Haruno; my Disciple and First Apprentice of the Dark Agoge. She is here to make sure you fail, although it is not her task to seek out your death, unless you seek out to kill her. Good luck with finding a way off this planet Tash. You will return to me a Dark Jedi, or you will not at all.”

The evil grin on Ashura’s face as he faded away let Tash knew this was for real. He was alone, here on this unknown planet with unknown dangers out there, not to mention this other Apprentice who was to make sure he failed.

The Jedi Hunter was angry, how could Ashura do this to him, to leave to die on this planet. “No, I not going to hear me…” as he shouted at the trees “…I am not going to die here on this planet. Just you try and stop me!”


Sakura watched as her Master’s recent apprentice watched the holographic message, her task was simple.

“You are to stop Tash from finding a way off this planet, to make him give up and spend the rest of his days here.” Ashura said as he carried the unconscious Jedi Hunter on his shoulder. “You are not to kill him unless he tries to kill you, Sakura. Remember, your task is to push him to the limits to ensure that if he ever finds his way back to me, all weakness has been removed.” Ashura’s disciple nodded as she walked next to him. “Yes Master, I understand and I won’t fail you.” The young woman then bowed and jumped up into the trees as she watched her Master put the young man down on the ground and departed. A few minutes later she watched the shuttle they had all come in fly across the tree line and into space.

“No, I not going to hear me…I am not going to die here on this planet. Just you try and stop me!”

“Oh, I will,” she whispered softly to herself as she watched the Jedi Hunter run off into the trees. This was going to be fun, she didn’t know what dangers were in this forest, or what planet they were on, but it didn’t matter. Sakura pledged herself to her Master and his teachings, Tash Yamayura will be purged of all weakness…or he would die.

Sakura left to allow the other apprentice to explore some more; she would catch up with me after she herself had time to see what was in this forest to help in her task. A small grin flashed across her face as she started jumping from branch to branch, tree to tree. Yamayura had no idea what Hell he was about to face at her hands. He would want to die after she was finished with him.


11-02-2008 09:04:39

Tash knew what he had to do. Tash needed a shelter, a weapon and food.

Tash began to climb a tree he found a nice looking branch. He jumped down onto it and hit it. The branch broke and fell onto the ground. Tash jumped down and grabbed a rock. He began to shape the piece of word into a sword. He then used the force to crush the rock and put sharp pieces of it onto the sword. He believed this was a formidable weapon.

After making the weapon, Tash began to search for a small cave of sorts to make a shelter. As he was searching he heard a noise in the trees behind him. He turned a he thought he saw a leg but was unsure. He continued to search for a shelter. Tash then heard a giggle. He turned around and began scanning the trees.

Then out of know where a person jumps out of a tree and smashes Tash’s foot with a large rock. Tash fell over and the person took the sword from him. The person then broke the sword over its leg and hit Tash in the head with it. The person then took off into the woods.
Tash then new what this was. Ashura had left someone else here to stop him form getting out of here. This angered Tash greatly. Never-the-less Tash continued into the woods in search of a shelter. This time he would make a real sword and maybe some other weapons. He thought of how he would set booby traps to try and catch this new threat.

After about an hour of searching Tash found a small cave and used branches and rocks to make a door. He also made a trip wire that would remove a stick in the trees above that would drop really big rocks on the one that trips it. Tash thought he was safe for the time being. Tash would attempt to get a good nights sleep before attempting to find this assailant tomorrow.