Ravana Battleteam Awol Check


01-01-2008 12:11:08

This is the first AWOL check of the year. It will be done lightly differently. Instead of replying to me in this email, in order to fulfill this check you will need to go onto the boards and post in this AWOL check thread.

This is standard practice to ensure that there are active members within the House for it to grow, please post in the forum within one week (January 8th) as all non-active members will be sent to Rogue.


01-01-2008 16:12:02

I'm here.

Kray Shalluat

02-01-2008 11:25:38



03-01-2008 06:20:01


Heh... I'm here too, oh wait... Im not part of Ravana Squadron any more either...

Those who need to post here are:

Sith Flight Member Callous Apprentice
Obelisk Trooper Marcellus Sang Novice
Krath Tyro Jalor klenstan Acolyte
Krath Tyro BelZithor Novice
Obelisk Trooper Zaroth Novice
Sith Flight Member Lexmark Novice
Sith Flight Member Farik Calrun Novice
Krath Tyro Lamber Novice
Obelisk Trooper Korranos Force Acolyte
Obelisk Trooper Stuka van dar Novice

Arfalax was part of Ravana Squardon at the time of this AWOL check. Those listed above need to post in this thread. Keep up the good work. :D

Kray Shalluat

03-01-2008 17:25:49

Yeah, I forgot I wasn't part of it any more. lol


05-01-2008 17:16:54

Hey, I'm here and active


09-01-2008 17:43:35

stuka reporting in
death to all who stand in our way


15-01-2008 15:43:04

AWOL Check has finished... the following members now make up Ravana Squadrom

Ravana Squadrom

Sith Commander Alexander Anderson Jedi Hunter
Obelisk Trooper Zaroth Acolyte
Obelisk Trooper Daren Jai Kaleb Stanford Acolyte
Sith Flight Member Vo Spader Acolyte
Obelisk Trooper Stuka van dar Novice


Apprentice Dark Angaloia
Apprentice Karig Dolor
Apprentice Aryn Vail Noven
Apprentice Abner
Apprentice Exur Kahn
Apprentice Xaru

Recruits will be added to the squadron after their promotion to the rank of Novice

Jalor Klestan

28-01-2008 01:19:32

Have i been added?

oh Ashura im working on a story for the writing competition for Marka Rangos, its looking good hope you like it :)


28-01-2008 02:11:22

Have i been added?
oh Ashura im working on a story for the writing competition for Marka Rangos, its looking good hope you like it :)

Cool. If you still havent found the Transfer In option by the time I wake up, as I just got in from my night shift, I'll e-mail the MAA and P:MAA and ask for you to be transfered into HMR


28-01-2008 08:05:21

Obviously im here :D but we all knew that bit, and now i get to annoy everyone as much as possible haha

Jalor Klestan

28-01-2008 18:52:56

Tekryn i would recomend anoying Macon Sadow myself, he has an interesting sense of humour. :)


28-01-2008 23:40:58


I will get right on it :P