Thats A What?


14-12-2007 11:25:51

Title: Thats a What???
Requested By: JH Tash Dreytila Yamayura

Specifics: I will post 3 pics on the message board. you write funny captions about the pics. funniest caption wins!

Start Date: 12/15/2007
End Date: 12/20/2007

Unit in Competition: House Marka Ragnos

Platforms: Message Board
Awards: 5th level cresents
Comments: Awards handed out by House Summit.





This competitions starts Saturday 15th and finishes Thursday 20th. Have fun.


14-12-2007 15:22:20

1. I can has a pwn 2!

2. I sense something; a presence I've not felt since...I last was in Tiajuana

3. Stormtrooper: Do you know what's going on?
Other stormtrooper: Maybe it's another drill.

Macron Sadow

14-12-2007 15:48:22

Funny stuff!

Ylith Pandemonium

14-12-2007 17:09:32

1: Ya aint pimpin this pussy!

2: You are not American...You're Mexican!

3: 1 Credit for toilet use? Bloody rip off if you ask me.

Look at it this way, at least we can pee on Ewok pictures now.

Ekeia Iclo

14-12-2007 17:19:31

1. YAY for quick sushi and fried chicken!!!

2. Vader- ¿Dice usted el español?
Luke - NNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Stormtrooper #1 - No Comment
Stormtrooper #2 - Rodger that.

Kray Shalluat

16-12-2007 10:03:03

1. The power of opposable thumbs have made me invincible!
2. Vader: You don't know the power of Taco Bell..
3. Protect the Package.


16-12-2007 14:37:28

1. You'll never take me alive, you k-9 bastards!

2. Vader: Luke, We Must Visit Taco Bell!
Luke: NOOOO!!!! That's Impossible!!!!

3. Stormtrooper #1: Who the hell is that?
Stormtrooper #2: How should I know?
Stormtrooper #1: Well...I...
Stormtrooper #2: Exactly! Ok why is he still looking at us?
Stormtrooper #1: I don't know.
Stormtrooper #1: Hey you there, screw off!
Camera Man #1: *Gives the finger and smiles*
Stormtrroper #2: Ok lets get this guy.
Stromtrooper #1: Yeah wait....wait...wait....ok I'm done.