Holo Battle Analysis (ravana Competition)


14-12-2007 01:53:54

Xander walks into the room. The room is a a rounded room with comfortable chairs.

Ok the purpose of this competition is to analyze historical recreations of battles.

In this competition , a video will be provided on a bi-weekly basis. The videos will be "recreations" of famous historical lightsaber battles. The goal of the competition, is to :

A. Identify and Describe the Lightsaber Forms Used in the presentation.

B. Analyze the depiction of the battle, and the techniques used. Make specific reference to the strikes used, and the grip.

C. Provide personal opinion on how the battle played out and the
outcome of the battle.

People will be ranked based on the depth of analysis, and research used.
Here is the first video

First Video of Competition


02-01-2008 00:29:01

They are probably using the Makashi form. Both of them are gripping their lightsabers with both hands, making strong, slow movements. Darth Vader was the one who "won" the battle.

Kray Shalluat

02-01-2008 11:18:29

From what I can see Obi-Wan, or Ben Kenobi, starts out using Shii-Cho, aiming at Darth Vader's limbs and then swiping for a secondary attack. Hes tried disarming Vader several times to no avail, which brings me to the conclusion that Darth Vader is using Makashi, a more violent form of lightsaber combat. Also, as I can tell from Darth Vader attempting to remind Obi-Wan of his earlier failure when Anakin turned to the Dark Side, that Darth Vader is using Don Moch, a form used to distract, dismay or dominate the spirit of the opponent. But, as you can see, it is ineffective.

In my opinion this battle was not actually a test against each other, but a test for each combatent against themselves. Obi-Wan was finally first to face his inner guilt at turning Anakin into this monstrosity and Darth Vader's inner guilt at destroying the Jedi, whom were once the closest thing hes had to a family. This actually results in a lightsaber duel that was a vent for each combatent's feelings and dissappointments. In the end Obi-wan allowed himself to be struck down. NOT to see if Vader would actually strike him down or if he would turn back to the light, but to show Luke that even the greatest of warriors could fall. Throughout the battle Darth Vader insisted on reminding Obi-wan of his past failures just as Obi-wan continued to remind Darth Vader of what he has become. Both of them accept each other's comments and continue the battle.