Unofficial Mission

Jalor Klestan

25-11-2007 02:32:24

Jalors stomach rumbled for the tenth time for the day before he decided that something had to be done.

looking down at his spotless food plate, he wondered how he was to become a Dark Jedi with such limited food every day.

The physical exercose during the day had worn him out, but its continual work had left him lean and strong, and hightend his cunning and schemming.

So it was no surprise that an information droid went missing later that day, and after numerious attempts, he had managed to open it and gain information leading to the location of the Kitchens and more importantly the security systems between himself and his goal.

He kicked the droids still talking head across his spartan room as he contemplated the information he had been able to gain.

Oigionally He had remberd Macron Sadow's methods from his first days training, but after the droid had resisted his finner attempts with a screw driver, Jalor has been forced to resort to a hammer which had been borrowed from a worker.

The information droid had revealed some important bits of information especially the mouth watering picture of packed food boxes, but also revealed a problem which Jalor was now thinking about.

Security droids...

His mission would have to involve more than one person, with that came with two things.

there was a better chance of success but also a large chance someone would talk before the mission started. Jalor had invited only the most trusted of his comrads, people he had trained with personally and knew pretty well.

He hoped they would not betray his trust in them, as the first arrived with the distinct double knock, a pause ,then another two sharp knocks, before his door quietly opened.

hi guys this is just abit of fun, to Tyren and co can you guys let this progress abit and make it an interesting experience for us.