Ravana Squadron Hq


05-11-2007 10:42:04


Atema, in his ceremonial Knight robes, stood infront of the eleven members of his Battleteam. Eleven Joungsters, Acolytes and Novices, in attention infront of their leader.

"I am Tyren Atema." he said loudly, like any drill seargent would.

"Welcome to Ravana ladies and gentlemen. This is our hall, our Headquarters. In here..." he moved between them "...I am God! And you, are nothing...dust upon which I walk. Let it be known to each and every single one of you that the training you face here will tear you, stretch you, it will destroy you if you are not prepared. The Dark brotherhood is cruel..." He walked around observing them"...and I will teach you to accept it, and live by it, and embrace it like a mother would embrace her child." he gave them one last glance "Welcome to your reality, I hope you endure!"


Dont worry about the fic...Im overreacting a bit :P Hell im an RPer I have to

Anyway welcome to Ravana Squadrons HQ. Here youc an ask any questions you want answered about the team, any suggestions you might ahve also post here Id gladly look over anything you have.

All in all have fun, roleplay, and be active...thats what matters.



11-11-2007 06:45:07

No posts? aww cmon...this is the Ravana Chill out zone.

In here you can ask any question...get to know each other etc.


12-11-2007 15:52:33

Just found this forum, thanks for the oppurtunity to voice. I am Scuslem, (real name Don), I have been a Star Wars fan since watching the first movie in 1977! I was a Junior in HS at the time! ;) I became a devoted fan of the Empire and the Dark Side of the force, as soon as Darth Vader walked onto the Corvette!
Many years later, I got my first computer, with "internet connection" ! :) And a whole new world opened up. By this time I had already flown through the DOS version of TIE Fighter, many times. I found a club online that had competition in this platform, as well as others. I joined that
club and spent many good years there. But I will be honest, my arrogance, insubordination, and
actions unbecomeing, had me banned from that club. A lesson learned, "I thought", I found this club, as well as several others and joined. But I soon realized, I was starting to do the same thing HERE! I then decided to give this writeing stuff a chance, once again! If I write and join comps for writeing, then maybe I can get some ppl's to get those old disks out and dust them off. and give me some MP action! But I am learning some new games, for MP play. I know EaW well enough to play online, I am working on JO next. But I like flight simulation games the most.
In RL, I install a finish system on new homes for a liveing. I am an avid hunter, and all around
outdoorsman, the basic "Jack of all trades, the Master of none" ! :w00t: I am away most weekends, I have been building a Hunting/Summer camp for a couple years now. It's almost done, but will take a coulpe more summers of work, to have completely done.
Well, enough about me, I am going to turn the podium over to the next Journeyman!
Thank you


13-11-2007 03:40:50

fine piece of text :D

so youre a bit older eh? well anyone is welcome so I hope you feel at home here.


13-11-2007 17:17:07

Thank you sir,
I am currently studying up on the Wiki, finding the right planet and circumstance, to aid in my character profile. I would like to write a piece that falls in with the history of the brotherhood.
With any luck, I will submit "before" the deadline, and not at the last minute! :)

Jalor Klestan

13-11-2007 19:16:10

hey guys whats up im Jalor [RL James] im a second year at uni working my way towards a degree in classics history and politics and i hope to one day become a teacher.

im a big fan of fantacy and star wars, i fell for the drk side because they wern't explained in the movies and were this myterious group against what the Jedi stood for.

how is everyone today?


14-11-2007 04:03:23

good...overslept so im feelin hyper :P

keep at those comps they're fun to do...

i might introduce myself while im here. Tyren Atema's the name (RL Marin). 2 year college student in Croatia. Basically I study Traffic science but my goal is Graphics Design...anyway been in the DB for 2 years, in Tarentum, Plagueis and now Naga Sadow where Ill stay for a long time hopefully.

Jalor Klestan

14-11-2007 19:11:22

Sweet as :D

Tyren i was wondering... *grin's darkly*

how do i get a light saber....? or when do we start combat training and get into the night hawks?


24-11-2007 20:00:32

Hey, I'm Alexander, but you can call me Xander. I'm new here, I am a university student, nice to meet you all

Jalor Klestan

25-11-2007 01:44:50

welcome mate ;)

as you might have guessed we are pretty laid back here :D

you can bunk over there..

*indicates the smeelly Wookie area*



25-11-2007 06:48:47


you get your real saber once you get Dark jedi knight...you must earn a saber first ;)

no there wont be any saber combat training :P only fists and swords....and guns sometimes :P

Jalor Klestan

27-11-2007 04:21:46

when does that start Tyren?

i wanna butcher some jedi's..

also when do we learn about our oders? like the sith Krath etc?


27-11-2007 06:12:22

The combat training has started;P

Orders are another matter...basically the 3 orders, Sith, krath and Obelisk have no function whatsoever...all your comrades are Dark Jedi the Order basically determines only the role play asspect.

for exp.

My character is more based on speed, stealth and hitting the enemy from the shadows..therefore he's a Krath whos philosophy is just that stay in the shadow, operate under the radar and hit when the opportunity is right.

Someone else's character can be a Sith like for example Macron Sadows can be a psychopathic sadistic maniac who enjoys to watch people scream :P or for example Oberst Tarantae (an old acquaintance of mine) whos character is a military genious and a excellent tactician...basically a Sith can be anything from a manica like Macron Sadow to a tactician like Oberst.

As for the obelisk, they love the thrill of combat. Thats the theory anyway. Many Obelisk characters are built only for combat. And many members of the Obelisk rank play gaming comps and such.

Basically orders arent very important but still in some way they show what your character is like to a person, even before they read the history.

Jalor Klestan

29-11-2007 02:05:48


that sounds like my tye of fighthing style too


30-11-2007 20:01:51

Is there a fighting style for screaming like a little girl and running away?



01-12-2007 04:14:27

Yeah but is punishable by death :P

Macron Sadow

01-12-2007 11:13:08

"Someone else's character can be a Sith like for example Macron Sadow can be a psychopathic sadistic maniac who enjoys to watch people scream "

muah ha ha

I do very much. While all the above is true, Macron (me) has physical characteristics as a fighter as well. For example, he's pretty strong and fast, wears armor, is a genius saber fighter, and is an expert martial artist. However, I don't do well with blasters, can't use regular swords, and I totally suck at piloting. It's just as important to know what your character is not good at as well.

keep up the good work folks!

Kray Shalluat

02-12-2007 19:46:12

Name's Kray (David in real life) and I'm a first year High School student! (I feel so young...) Haven't been paddled yet, so being a freshmen isn't so bad. And, as many of you might have noticed, my character is, indeed, a girl. Right now I'm revolving around working with computers and art (so graphics design seems to be right up my doorstep ^.- ). I haven't figured out this forum existed until after a few weeks passed after my registration. I had actually been sticking to exams and the such, working with the whole "knowledgeable" aspect. I'm taking a quick break from that, getting used to the Brotherhood. I'm actually really in the mood for writing a good story, so I'm pretty anxious for another RP comp.

I've been a fan of the Dark Side since I first saw Episode 3. I saw how Darth Sidious manipulated the Jedi, how one person managed to whipe out an order at least 100 strong. Not only that, I fell in love with the whole concept of Darth Revan. I loved his armor, I loved his legacy and I loved the Dark Side ending of KotOR (Knights of the Old Republic, for you normal people out there). Not only that, but I truly began to appreciate the loss and pain many Sith felt upon their transition to the Dark Side. I swear, if I was alone in that theatre, I would of cried at the seen where Obi-wan and Darth Vader fought at the end of RoTS, and I did in fact shed a small tear when I saw Vader lift up Sidious and chuck the bastard down a hole.

Lastly, the whole point of having a female character, is that I want to see a story from the point of view from a girl who was abused, sexually, mentally and physically, and has nothing left to lose. A girl who has been defeated and has dropped her defences completely. All she is is an empty slate to be filled with the knowledge of any who wish to indulge her. Basically, as many would say, the perfect student.

Alrighty, that was tiresome and boring (unless you tell me otherwise...). I have a question. If I own Battlefront II for the PS2, how can I send in screen shots/prove that I have reached extraordinary achievements such as the Marksman award (a pain in the ass to get versus Elite soldiers).


04-12-2007 04:44:14

Glad to finally have you with us...Im looking forward to seeing your charater develope

Kray Shalluat

04-12-2007 21:32:44

I am too. :P I hope to participate in the closest upcoming writing comp!

Rusty Goldbear

17-03-2008 08:20:20

Hello everybody i'm kazimirn or Kazzy or Kaz. (Real name-Khari James) I've always been a star wars fan and a bigger dark jedi fan!

Zaxen Dauketrenal

17-03-2008 22:32:49

Hello everybody i'm kazimirn or Kazzy or Kaz. (Real name-Khari James) I've  always been a star wars fan and a bigger dark jedi fan!

Welcome to our haven of awesomeness and debauchery.
Glad you could make it. Look forward to causing havoc with you.

Rusty Goldbear

18-03-2008 10:36:51

:w00t: Havoc you say? Yay us lol.

But im here to speak with xander
about a few minor task.