Trying To Find Way To Get Me Hands On These So Cal


29-09-2007 22:29:02

tyring to find away to get my hands on these so called tested
tryed but all i could find was brotherhood basic

any idear where i am going wrong>

Faeril Munlear

30-09-2007 01:39:43

Hiya stuka!

If you took the Brotherhood Basics Course, then you were in the right place. First, go directly to the Shadow Academy page either via the main site, you'll find it on the menu to your left, or just click the following link:

Then on your left scroll down a bit and you'll see Advanced Learning and the Shadow Academy Campuses listed. Click on the + sign next to each of the campuses to see a list of courses available for that campus. Just click the link of a course you are interested in taking and it will take you to a page with the course notes for that course. Then when you scroll down to the bottom of the notes, you'll see a link to the test for the course at the bottom of the page.


30-09-2007 22:00:57

I know this has nothing to do with the topic, but bloody hell, people are using the forums again. I'll be the first to encourage that.

Shikyo Keibatsu

17-10-2007 02:32:32

I'm impressed with my apprentice. She's starting to learn her way around the place. :P

Faeril Munlear

22-10-2007 16:49:39

Hehe, I am? wait, oh yeah, I am. ^.^

Tries not to get lost going in circles again. O-)