Heyas :)

Kyrath Amaranthi

23-08-2007 00:45:48

Faeril and Shikyo already know me, as does Devani of HLK and probably some of you on IRC are getting to know me as well, but ...

Hiya :) I'm glad to have joined the dark side ... anyway, a few things about me, I'm 27, from Connecticut, a major fan of sci-fi and fantasy especially Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate SG-1, Wheel of Time and Lone Wolf, among other series. I love to get to know new people so go ahead and message me if you want :)

Faeril Munlear

23-08-2007 19:46:44

Wait, I know you? *scratches her head* Are you sure? *looks*

Oh, and instead of starting a new thread, I'll just wave here. Hiya! I'm Faeril, but you can just call me Fae. :padme2:

Macron Sadow

24-08-2007 22:09:46

Welcome both of you!

Consul Macron


28-08-2007 19:30:29

Welcome to Marka Ragnos!

Always good to see new faces.


01-09-2007 16:33:49

Welcome young lings ;)

Faeril Munlear

06-09-2007 01:02:41

Hehe, thank you! I'm not use to being called a youngling *lol* but I suppose I am in some aspects. ;)

Shikyo Keibatsu

06-09-2007 01:03:02

Heya you two. You surviving, alright?

Faeril Munlear

06-09-2007 01:04:30

I'd say so! not sure about Kyrath though.

Shikyo Keibatsu

06-09-2007 01:17:58

You better survive. You're my Apprentice. :-P

Faeril Munlear

09-09-2007 21:33:17

I suppose you have a point, and of course I'm going to survive! not only because I'm your Apprentice, but because I'm stubborn like that. :D


11-09-2007 19:10:30

*gags a little in her throat*



Welcome you two random people.


11-09-2007 20:44:12


Devani, stubbornness is a good thing. Means our turnover rate goes down a little more.

Unfortunately, having Shikyo as a mentor cancels that out completely, but....


12-09-2007 12:12:28

lol I wasn't gagging at her stubborness, I <3 Fae. She'll do fine, she's strong, she can survive being Shikyo's Mentor...I think.

Faeril Munlear

12-09-2007 18:51:34

Wait, I'm Shikyo's mentor and not his Apprentice?! SWEET!

I can think of a number of reasons that Devani could be gagging a little, and it may or may not have anything to do with me.

You know, though I didn't intentionally write that sentence in a way to sound bad, it kind of does. *coughs* O-)

I <3 you too, my partner in crime. :D

You know, I'm feeling a little smiley handicapped on these boards. *lol*


12-09-2007 23:00:49

Dear lord... it's a female version of me and Rai. Except with more smilies.

A new darkness creeps across the clan.....

Isnt it grand?


13-09-2007 03:43:30

I know what you mean Fae! I keep typing out smilies and then they aren't really here >.< Like my favorite :look *mourns*

Oh it involved you and Shik and the b0x *shudders*

And I messed up, you're his Apprentice!!! I'm too used to TV >.<

And SL, she's also better looking than you *ducks*


13-09-2007 05:40:14

Oh great...major spammers on the Board...Tron help us



13-09-2007 06:53:03

And SL, she's also better looking than you *ducks*

Prove it! Pictures work best.

(Not that i doubt it, but :P)

Faeril Munlear

14-09-2007 00:19:57

A female version of you and Rai? should I be scared? *lol*

Devani, I had a feeling that's where you were going with that, but I didn't know. Get your mind out of the gutter! Oh, and I already linked my favorite smiley in the other thread. I just can't express myself thoroughly sometimes without it. I'm too lazy to go dig up the link right now though. *lol*

I don't see any spam! :look As for a photo, I uploaded one to my profile. :P


14-09-2007 01:07:45

Ahahaha, Sir Galahad is biting your arm!!! How much crown had you both had that night? :arch

My mind lives in the gutter perpetually :look

*snugglestabs Tyren*

Faeril Munlear

14-09-2007 01:47:50

Yeah, my mind does too! *lol*

He's actually licking my arm, and at that point, we had drank a good amount. He and Pinky were trying to cheer me up, that's why I find that photo amusing because it's just silly. I had to stop and think about what the hell he was doing myself, and I was like, oh yeah he was licking my arm though I still don't know why, maybe because he was drunk!! :P *rofl*


14-09-2007 17:11:57


Wait...who is Pinky?

Faeril Munlear

14-09-2007 18:05:58

You mean you don't remember who likes to call themselves Pinky and the Brain in chat? *shakes her head sadly*


14-09-2007 20:10:39

Misrepresentation of Intelligence is a crime...

Shikyo Keibatsu

14-09-2007 22:50:00

Ok, what did I miss here?


15-09-2007 18:33:53

Oooooooooooooooh okay.

I'm all caught up now, they haven't used those nicknames in awhile!

Faeril Munlear

17-09-2007 13:39:22

Yeah, for some reason I've decided to call Andrew Pinky all the time, not sure why. I even typed a P in my cell when I wanted to call him once and I was like oops, I can't believe I just did that. *rofl* Oh, and you've missed a lot, Shikyo. I'm behaving, I swear! like a good little apprentice. O-)

Shikyo Keibatsu

17-09-2007 19:14:16

Such lies. I don't know what I'm going to do with ya.


23-09-2007 17:24:48

I have an idea and I'm just glad it'll be in a locked, dark room.

LOL Fae. I'm used to calling him Andrew, sometimes I forget his tv.net name.