Tarthos Seasons

Muz Ashen

05-03-2005 00:02:08

We can finally put the tauntauns away... Summer has cracked the Ice on Tarthos. A few short weeks and the verdant underpinnings will cover everything that is white with rich greens.

Then the mosquitoes will come.

(Official In-Character announcement: Stories set after the RoS on Tarthos should be set in a jungle-forest climate rather than the typical hoth ice dune ones)


05-03-2005 02:42:30

Ah...Finally. My skin was all cracked up because of that snow.

Nekura Manji

05-03-2005 04:26:13

Nahh, snow is cool. Angsty weather. ^_^


05-03-2005 09:13:20

but it is still snowing over here.. :P

Muz Ashen

05-03-2005 11:58:19

Shhhh... thing 80 degrees...think....Mmmm. Pridemore in a bikini...

Nekura Manji

05-03-2005 12:32:29

*sighs* Keep your hormones under control, dude, some of us have just eaten :D Wait, hang on...
*thinks of a certain female in a bikini* Hrrrrrmmm... actually, you've got something there... :D

Muz Ashen

05-03-2005 12:35:30

/me slaps Manji

you've seen her pic.

/me resumes drooling.

Nekura Manji

05-03-2005 13:16:21

I have? *thinks* Oh yeah, I have.... fair enough, drool all you want. Just don't get any of your slobber on my kimono :D
*resumes pleasant thoughts of his own* :D

Kat Pridemore

05-03-2005 18:29:29

Nahh, snow is cool.  Angsty weather. ^_^

Who are you!!!! Egad. :ermm:

Snow sucks. It freezes your toes and your noes off. I can't wait for the first signs of spring.

Kat Pridemore

05-03-2005 18:31:51

Shhhh... thing 80 degrees...think....Mmmm.  Pridemore in a bikini...

*raising eyebrows* Hmm... I guess you guys didn't think I would make it back here... :P
80 degrees is a nice weather. Not too hot, not too cold.


06-03-2005 04:28:57

yeah... snow sucks :(

bring on the summer ^_^

Nekura Manji

08-03-2005 16:17:46

....bring on summer indeed. For summer means good weather, and good weather means RAWK FESTIVALS! And camping over the weekend! And rock. Lots of rock. And booze. And sex. And rock. And sex. And so on. :D


08-03-2005 16:24:56


Summer means going to visit my nan at the beach! :D


14-03-2005 14:04:11

summer means going to the boulevard in Harderwijk, watching out over the water, sitting in the grass with friends, enjoying something to drink, and just talk about the regular nonsense. nothing to worry about.

really, I can't wait for the weather to warm up. :P


14-03-2005 16:21:18

I take back what I said as it looks like I am now moving to Weymouth <_<
bah.. I'm going to miss all my friends in Oxford :(