New Guy


06-06-2007 12:56:53

Not really new. But here in the House forums area or what you call this bit of space, it's my first time posting ^_^

I'am Deprimereus. ^_^

Macron Sadow

06-06-2007 14:03:39

Welcome aboard! :)

Nero Pennant

12-06-2007 02:58:45

Welcome, from one new guy to another! :D


13-06-2007 13:41:52

You'll enjoy it in CNS. Welcome to the clan and have fun. =)

Makurth Mandalore

14-06-2007 17:41:09

Even though I'm not from CNS, I'd like to say hi too! Have fun!!


19-06-2007 17:49:56

Since I'm also new to the clan, I'd like to say Hello! Good thing I came across this post, thanks Deprimereus for starting it! :)

Macron Sadow

21-06-2007 14:29:40

Oh my God- a teddy with a dual blade. That is weird, and cool... nice one Scuslem


21-06-2007 23:33:09

Thanks PCon Macron. I'm messing around with some graphics, so I'll probably change it.
I liked " Sith Teddy", so I throwed him in there for now! :)