Random Tasks for Journeymen

Muz Ashen

23-02-2005 13:06:16

This is the spot where Manji, Lenzar, and I will post specific tasks that we need or want done.

I will keep track of the people who do these things, and all quality submissions (not just the ones that get used) will count towards your next promotion. Quality work also runs the risk of having a nice medal awarded.

These are not competitions per se, but they are a good and easy way to get into the upper ranks.

Unless you are Manji, Lenz or I, don't post here. If you have questions about a task, PM the person for details. Manji, Lenz, when the task is closed, edit your post and mark it as closed, and email me who participated.

I'll start with one.

Muz's Replacement Arm. Task closed! Thank you!
As some of you might know, Muz's left forearm and elbow was severed in a nasty duel with a spirit posessing Korras Aquillarum. His arm was replaced with older technology, having been a Jedi Hunter at the time. Muz constantly upgraded this prosthetic as he progressed up to the office of Quaestor.
Unfortunately for Muz, a devastating fight with a creature called 'The Stone Lion' all but destroyed the prosthetic. Muz emerged victorious, but his equipment did not. Muz is too busy reconstructing his lightsaber to work on building a new arm, so he is asking for any technologically-inclined member of House Marka Ragnos to help.

Specifics: Muz's old arm looked like his biological one. It had synthetic flesh covering, but the forearm had a retractable datapad with a built in commlink and a remote for his ship, the 'Fallen Spear'. These are the core requirements. You can add all sorts of whatever cool features you might like, like an MP3 player or hold-out blaster.

Duty: Write up the replacement arm you have designed and built for Muz, using any sci-fi gaming system. Star Wars, Shadowrun, d20 hypertech, etc. Explain where the technology comes from (If it's Shadowrun, just say it is Autocthonian tech), and how much the final product costs. Extra points for including a schematic or drawing.

Nekura Manji

23-02-2005 13:33:50

Here's another one for you...

Manji's Sake Hunt
Sake is extremely hard to come by on Tarthos... it's a rare occasion when Manji and Muz can get hold of a couple of flasks and have a drinking session. And now, to the shock of Quaestor and Aedile, their supplies have run out! (Or been stolen by K'hamar'ans. One of the two. <_<)

Sake is a fermented rice wine that is native to the homeworld of Manji and Muz. They have acquired a taste for it, and no ceremony, formal or otherwise, is complete for the brothers without a couple of flasks of the liquor.

Write a fiction detailing your mission to go and get Manji more sake! You can be as adventurous as you like- steal it from a New Republic fleet, pinch it from a cantina, fight a bounty hunter for it... whatever. Just make sure to write about some kind of obstacle that has to be overcome in the quest for sake. Humour is encouraged, but so is action and gore. I like gore. ^_^

Send your submission to Manji: NekuraManji{at}gmail.com

[COMPLETED] Task completed- thank you to everybody who brought us sake! Time for a drinking night, methinks... ^_^ [COMPLETED]

Muz Ashen

07-03-2005 10:05:56

Borrow the BeatDown Stick ™

Task Closed
That's it...that snivelling little twerp ticked you off for the last time. You'll show them...but how? Ahhhh, Muz's BeatDown Stick...that'll add insult to injury! It can't be too hard to sneak into his office, grab it, use it and return it before he notices. That'll teach that little punk to mess with you...

this task may be accomplished one or both ways.
1.) Write a fiction, minimum 1/2 page, of who ticked you off and why, and how you pummelled them soundly about the head and shoulders with the hijacked BeatDown Stick™.
2.) Challange the offender to any FPS MP game, beat them soundly with the worst weapon imaginable (shovel, taser, crowbar, bootheel, etc), and send a screenshot of the beatdown to me.

Send submissions to kageflame{at}hotmail.com

Muz Ashen

22-03-2005 09:28:59

Mission: Alveera Solaris

Reports from our eyes and ears in the cities of Tarthos report that Alveera Solaris arrived with her three padiwans on a unregistered transport from Yavin. The Jedi, no doubt looking to gain favor with the New Jedi Council, is probably here on reconnaisance and perhaps to teach her Padawans to hunt dark Jedi. Alveera herself is staying in an undisclosed location, her padawans are not so discreet, making it well known in the city where they are.

Reports state that she will be departing in ten days from now on a transport to Dantooine.

While Alveera herself is a very dangerous light side Master Jedi, her padawans should prove sport enough while separated from her. Her padawans are to be hunted, captured if possible, otherwise exterminated. Journeymen are encouraged to avoid the master at all costs.

Track, hunt, and slay the three padawan Jedi of Solaris. Retrieve their sabres (all blue) for 'recycling'.
12 point times new roman. 1 page minimum.

This task will qualify as a promotion task to Jedi Hunter (for guardians), above and beyond regular point attribution.

Submissions of outstanding quality will earn a Dark Cross.

People above the rank of Knight may undertake this task to slay Solaris herself, but must have a minimum of 2 pages.

Send submissions to kageflame{at}hotmail.com before April first

Nekura Manji

23-03-2005 12:46:06

Mission: Artefact Run

The leaders of Marka Ragnos have recieved news of a cache of Dark Side artefacts hidden within one of the many Massassi temples dotting the surface of Yavin IV. However, as you may know a Jedi Academy is located on Yavin IV, and it's students may be training in the forests or may have also recieved word of the artefact cache.

Your mission is to travel to Yavin IV and retrieve these artefacts before they can be taken by the Lightsiders. You may want to include a nice gory battle with some Lightsiders. 12 point Times New Roman, 1 and a half pages minimum.

-Send all submissions to NekuraManji{at}gmail.com before the 10th of April.