Phare's Shadow


14-01-2007 22:17:04

(This is an open RP. Anyone may participate, and there is no 'fixed' storyline, however:
1. The story begins on Tarthos. If you're not from HMR, you'd probably need a reason to be there.
2. Do not godmode other people. That means you dont make up what they say, what they do, how they react, etc. If someone disappears for a week or more, go move on with someone else. Use this as an exercise in good Roleplaying. :P )

-Tarthos, Orian System-
-2 days after the return of the House following the events in the Phare System (post-Feud)-

The house was returning to their normal activities. The fracas in the Phare system was over; they had recovered their objective. At least... one of them.

Two days after their return; a ship approached. It approached silently, and cloaked behind the Stygian Cloaking Device implanted in it. If it had been visible, it would have been shot down instantly; it still bore the markings of the Emperor's Hammer on it's side. What could not be hidden by the device however was the presence of the one inside. To some, his was a familiar feel; to others, an absolute stranger.

The craft slipped easily into Tarthos' atmosphere. Still the pilot chose to make no contact with those below. Slowly the cathedral came to view, bright swirls of color in the sight of the pilot. A small smile spread across his toothy maw. An excellant duplication of a home once destroyed, he thought to himself. A cathedral he had not seen in some years. Some there be whom shadows kiss...the oft-recited motto of the group. ...and others whom are embraced within.

Settling down onto the fringes of the docking platform, the Stygian device was finally deactivated, and the craft was revealed to view of any who may have come curious. After a few moments stillness, the cooling of engines and powering down of systems the only noise coming from the craft, it's boarding hatch opened, and out from the craft floated a Dark Jedi.

Lifted up by a form of Telekinesis, the Priest rose. His robes were long, the formal robes of his order from the time before the Exodus. The hood, normally down on one of his rank, was over his head, obscuring his eyes from view and leaving the impression that he could not possibly see out from underneath it. The white fur of the Cathar male stood out against the blackness of the robes, a stark contrast, as was the similarly colored lightsaber that hung from his sash.

Slowly the Krath settled himself to the metal floor, giving sense of just how big he was... standing nearly 7' tall, one could wonder how he managed to fit inside the TIE Phantom behind him. Settling down a moment after his feet was the end of a thickened staff, and those trained enough to do so could sense a vague power from within it; similarly, a cold sense of power came from the pouch tied at his hip.

The Cathar's mouth opened, speaking both out loud, and through the Force, a deep, growling sort of voice natural to his kind. "I seek... the Quaestor of this House."


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Vladek woke up, the Cathar's voice echoing in his ears. The Sith rose from his bunk, rubbing his eyes in silence. He picked up his saber, clipped it to his belt, and left his room. As the newly appointed Rollmaster strode down the halls of Tarthos, his dark leather boots pressing down on the floor, he sensed something amiss. Dismissing it as hazy residue from his dreams, the Knight walked on, towards the hangar.

As the automatic doors opened in front of Vladek, he saw the face of the caller. The white fur was a deep clash with the hooded robes. The Rollmaster made no sound, but signaled for the stranger to follow him. The Cathar took this well, and followed Vladek to Quaestor's office. The human typed in the entrance code to Shikyo's office, and the feline figure proceeded into the room, Vladek came behind him, his eyes narrowing on the stranger as he closed the doors.

At the desk of the Quaestor sat Shikyo Keibatsu, by the door, Vladek, and in the middle, stood the stranger. All three men stood in silence...


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It took but a few moments to glance mentally about the room and ascertain the lineage of the man before him. That was the trick about being proud of one's family, you always let others know which family it was.

Inclining his head, the hooded figure broke the silence, once more his voice rumbling deep from his throat, however without the Force amplification as last time.

"Quaestor Keibatsu. I am Priest StarLion, of the Clan of Naga Sadow, Sorcerer and Dark Librarian" a pause here, as he remembered the burnt ruin they had so recently left. " of Loki. I have returned to the House of my birth to reclaim my place among the Brethren."

Straightening up slowly, so as to hopefully not trigger a response from the Knight behind him, StarLion lifted the hood from his eyes, revealing the sightless purple orbs to the Sith. "I require a room in which to attend my private matters, and full access to whatever library the House has constructed here." A Sith, running Marka Ragnos. It was unthinkable on Loki...and yet here he stood, before StarLion's very... well, eyes was a bad choice of phrase. And that Knight behind seemed somewhat familiar also... a mystery that had yet to be solved by the Cathar.

All mysteries, however, have a conclusion.

Shikyo Keibatsu

01-02-2007 23:20:46

Quaestor Keibatsu.

It wasn't long since the Sith had received the position and so it felt so foreign to be called that. He had been called "Quaestor" before, but under the name of Mifune and under the banners of Arcona. The Warrior looked over the Priest, keeping his eyes hidden under the guise of his cloak. Word had already reached the ears of the Keibatsu of the symbol on the Krath's ship.

Shikyo closed his eyes and focused on the callings of the Force. They seemed to hold no sense of falsehood or heightened worry, however Shikyo also realized his powers in the Force had not been well adept yet. With a smirk upon his lips, Rurouni revealed his face to the Cathar and nodded.

"Quarters will be provided to you, as well as access to the library and Cathedral. However, I have one request."

Shikyo chuckled slightly at his next retort.

"There is no need to use a cloaking device. Next time, I'll have to look for ya with Adraelech."

With a smile upon his face, Rurouni returned towards his desk to review the applications for Aedile. With his mind split on two thoughts, he made sure to keep Priest StarLion in the back of his mind.


02-02-2007 09:00:25

A slight smirk tugged at the edges of the feline mouth.

"As you wish, Quaestor." This was followed by another inclination of the head, which also served to hide most of his face once more. "In Darkness Serve." the old motto so often used between members of the Brotherhood long since changed.

Leaving the Quaestor to his thoughts, StarLion straightened, and turned toward the Knight present. No bows given, nor respect shown; after all, this one was plainly only just a Knight; it was as readable in his Force sight as though the man wore a sign.

"I assume you will be the one to locate me sufficient accommodations?" The Cathar asked, watching for the man's reaction.


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Vladek looked at the stranger, eying him with an apparent dislike. True, as Rollmaster it was up to him to locate accommodation for all in the Cathedral. The Knight glanced towards his Quaestor momentarily, then turned to face the stranger. After a brief thought, Vladek signaled again for the Cathar to follow him. The Sith had been in half a mind to retort back, but instead let out a heavy sigh and rubbed his eyes as he thought to himself -

"Let's get this done fast so I can return to sleep"


05-02-2007 15:59:22

StarLion smirked under the robe's hood as the Knight signaled. It was always amusing to 'see' the reactions of the younger members, especially the Sith and Obelisk. Even the quaestor's reaction gave information to the Priest's mind as to the state of the house at present.

Lifting his staff slightly, he motioned to the door. "Lead on..." The Cathar intending on following this Knight to wherever he was to be quartered. As they moved, his mind wandered, reaching out across the cathedral, looking for members of his own order, those that might actually hold some history with the clan closer to his own.


05-02-2007 16:36:52

Vladek led the Krath out of Shikyo's office. As the pair progressed down the hall, Vladek's dislike for StarLion grew. Something around the Cathar shook and annoyed him. Again, the Sith sighed, and turned a corner - finally reaching the assigned quarters. Solander flipped out a key card, and opened the door marked 349 quickly.

The room was cramped, but well organized. A writing desk sat in the corner, a personal computer perched preciously on the edge. A small window sat near the single bunk, at which a Grey footlocker sat empty. A small side door marked Toiletries was off to the side, a comlink at the edge.

Vladek turned to StarLion, and handed him the key card.

"This card will not only give you entrance to your room, but to the Mess Hall and the Library, where Histories and Writings are kept. It's closed currently, but will open in the morning at 9am. I hope you enjoy your stay on Tarthos, StarLion. If you have any queries or needs don't hesitate to contact me on the comlink, I keep mine on all the time. I'll be preset on your contacts under - 'Vladek Solander, Rollmaster & Librarian.' Goodnight."

The Sith turned abruptly, leaving the Krath in his room, the door shutting behind him...


05-02-2007 20:58:09

Rollmaster & Librarian. As if a Sith could actually fill that role. Wouldn't know a book if it was thrown at him by an unwilling woman. No, things would change, he could feel it in the air. They always did, truth be told... but a new wind was blowing now. Still, he had more to be concerned with... the crystal in the pouch at his waist, for example... he did not know what Trev wanted with it, but he could sense it had some purpose.... perhaps the recovered documents in his ship, combined with the House's records here, could explain it...

Pocketing the comlink and key, he headed back towards the hanger, to retrieve his belongings, the walking staff tapping the ground with each step.