21-02-2005 06:40:08

I had setup this topic on the old boards but it didn't seem to get anywhere so lets try this again shall we? post your poems here, the darker the better, but lets try to keep it somewhat serious shall we? I recall a certain bograt who screwed up the old topic.

Some of my old work from back when I actually had some hope left.

Giving Up

So many things I want to say, but to say anything will change the course of
So many things I want to do, but to do anything would mean risking everything I
So many places I want to be, but to be anywhere but here means I lose it all.
So many reasons to risk it all, but too little nerve to take a chance.
So I will live with my choice, the decision to make no move and give up
everything because I failed to act.
Losing everything because I let my dreams die.

Why Bother?

There are things I dream of, and things I long for,
things I search for, and things I adore,
but all these things I will never see.
None of these things are meant for me.
I dream of a woman I love with all my heart,
she's smart, she's beautiful, she's talented in art,
but I know we will never be
because she is too good for me.
I long to help the ones I care for.
To help them survive life's little war,
but how can I help others get through the stress
when my life is just a big mess.
I search for a future, a life, a destiny,
something that will bring out the best in me.
Maybe if I can find that, the future, one day
everything else will go my way.
But it's all a dream. None of this is real. None of this matters.
so why bother when in the end it will all fall apart.
The woman I love has already told me
I'm not her type, so what's the point.
The ones I care for, they know I try,
but why would they listen to a loser like I?
A future? A destiny? What a mistake.
Why bother searching for something so fake.
I'll give up my life, my hopes and my dreams.
After all why even bother if it's not what it seems.
Death is the truth. Life is a lie.
Why bother fighting when we are all going to die?

Is Life Worth Living?

Is life worth living when loved ones cry?
Is life worth living when all will die?
Is life worth living when hope is lost?
Is life worth living at any cost?
Is life worth living when friends are gone?
Is life worth living when things go wrong?
Is life worth living when times are tough?
Is life worth living? Is life enough?
I found my answer in a dream one night,
the answer to life's unending fight.
I found my answer, straight and true.
I've found my answer. How 'bout you?

What is Love?

What is love? Is love a feeling? A thought? A decision?
Can anyone really define love?
Is love the feeling of security you get from having friends and family near?
Is love the protective feeling you have for your children?
Is love the thought that you can't live without someone?
Is love the thought that you have to help your friends?
Is love the decision to stay loyal to someone no matter what happens?
Is love the decision to be just friends no matter how much it hurts?
Love has no definition, so what is love?
People say they love eachother, but what is love?
People say they will never hurt the one they love, but they do?
Does that mean that they don't love the person?
What is love?
Love is the desire to be with the ones you care about,
the desire to protect the ones you care about,
the desire to help, the desire to talk to, the desire to have and hold,
This is love.
Love is kind.
Love is giving.
Love is unselfish.
Love is a decision, a thought, and a feeling.
Love is all these things, and more.

What Do You Do?

what do you do when someone controls your thoughts so much that you can't stop
thinking of her?
what can you do when someone steals your heart?
what will you do when someone comes into your life and turns it around?
what would you do if she "just wants to be friends"?
will you move on with your life?
will you hold onto hope with all your strength?
will you give up, curl up, and die?
will you be there for her no matter what happens?
one day it will happen
one day she will be there
one day you will know you can't live without her
one day life will have no more meaning beyond her happyness
and you will realize that no matter what happens you have to be there for her.
no matter what happens you will do whatever she asks
no matter what happens you will catch her when she falls
and if you are a strong enough person you won't ask for more than her friendship


22-02-2005 21:40:39

well about the same response as I got last time. whatever.

Muz Ashen

24-02-2005 17:47:30

The dragons of doubt
slain mercilessly with trust
As the work begins

The fear comes to mind
of what hell dawn will expose
Still i must press on

the sweat drips so fast
Worry tastes like broken glass

Revelation comes
My blood is not mine to shed
duty falls ruby

never was my call
the duty is the mountain
my will shackled to

for what use was this
sacrifice a thousand souls
what number am I?

This haiku took first place in the second chapter of the KRoS of 2005.

Muz Ashen

24-02-2005 18:03:05

Walk with me through the mirror
through this dark place of shadows
calm yourself of your horror
and wander where the winds blow

libraries full of ancient dust
forgotten knowledge and failed lore
smoke and mirrors with power lust
poisoned through the rotten core

whispered words and spilling blood
silver blades and muffled cries
naked beneath cloak and hood
it rarely works, but still they try

behind the glass and through the smoke
watch them bleed and shatter hope
spells to bind and lies to choke
words have bound better than rope

dance with me through their dreams
floating through like blowing leaves
nothing here is as it seems
reality is what one believes

unlock the mind and find the lost
seething fires fueled with wrath
taste the shade and know the cost
feel now what it is to be Krath

This was a song i wrote about magic. I added the last stanza for submitting to the Krath RoS, and took like fifth, i think, in the third chapter.

Macron Sadow

01-04-2005 23:14:28

I love poetry! Hope I can post here.

Here are a few of my haiku:

Angry Spring, haiku (my submission for this week's Haiku comp)

Lightning splits the ground
Heaven's glistening raindrops
Press down spring flowers

(It stormed really hard here, and my spring azalea bonsai got their blooms squashed.)

Old japanese Fisherman

Ancient Pine tree looms
Towers over a harsh coast
Grandfather fishes


02-04-2005 04:57:24

This isn't really a poem, but as a song is a form of poem I suppose it is :P. Anyway,

DOUGH... the stuff that buys me beer
RAY..... the guy that sells me beer
ME...... the one who drinks the beer
FAR..... a long run to get beer
SO...... I'll have another beer
LA...... I'll have another beer
TEA..... no thanks, I'm drinking beer
And that will bring us back to DOUGH...

Nekura Manji

03-04-2005 06:08:00

I can't do poetry... but I can do haiku ^_^

Here's the one I intend to have on my gravestone- technically not a haiku since I fiddled with the structure, but meh. Poetry is all about experimentation, right? :D

Takai Isshu

In life
This world is a stark winter,
Season of sorrow.

In death
This world is a fleeting dream,
A passing nightmare.

Nice and spooky, huh. ^_^ Next, here's my submission for that Haiku competition:

Like frigid winter
Freezing the lake of my soul
Anger fills my heart.

Macron Sadow

03-04-2005 11:45:46

*humbly bows*

Master, if you can write Haiku, you can write poetry.

Nekura Manji

04-04-2005 04:38:03

Nahh... normal poetry is too random. I like the strictness of the haiku structure, since it allows for a lot of variety within those three lines. Normal poetry reminds me too much of 'tortured youths' writing depressed poems, while haiku says samurai to me ^_^

Shinichi Endymiron K

16-06-2005 16:36:39

Fires of Hatred
Consume the Forest Within
Blackened Char my Soul

Nekura Manji

17-06-2005 14:38:56

Pretty sweet... wow, we've got a veritable armada of haiku writers here. ^_^

Ark Dowell

17-06-2005 21:52:28

Here's my poem. No, its not a Haiku.


I live in my own dark universe...
Chained forever in darkness' passing
It feels so much like an eternal curse...
Shadows everywhere amassing...

All is swallowed by gloom...
Why must I suffer so...?
As if all hope is lost, doomed to doom...
There is no light above nor below...

Chains of anger...
Walls of hatred...
Surround, but are no more than a blur...
In my own dark world, all is dead...

For all is lost...
And dreams are no more than icy frost.

Shinichi Endymiron K

18-06-2005 09:14:05

Lust and Violence
Each call to my Darkened Heart
Both shall lead to Pain

Macron Sadow

18-06-2005 09:25:05

Angry Spring

Lightning splits the ground
Heaven's glistening raindrops
Press down spring flowers

Nekura Manji

18-06-2005 12:35:38

Hey, you already posted that one! :D Is Macron getting forgetful?

Macron Sadow

18-06-2005 12:36:29

oops. it's the paint fumes dude. Sorry.


A Spring cocoon forms
Tiny butterfly struggling
Late frost takes life away


07-09-2005 16:40:03

Here is my Poem:

"Crawling in my skin
These Wounds they will not heal
Fear is how I fall
Confusing what is real

Theres something else I need thats low beneath the surface
This Lack of Self Control I feel is not within me
Controlling... I cant see...

I find myself again
My walls are closing in
I felt this way before
So insecure

Crawling in my skin
These Wounds they will not heal
Fear is how I fall
Confusing what is real"

Its pretty new and has taken a bit of time to think of...but I hope you like it..

Muz Ashen

07-09-2005 18:06:51

Bad student.

All of us could just post song lyrics and pretend.

Please don't.

Macron Sadow

07-09-2005 20:35:02

Naga Sadow haiku

Agony washing
Pain rips my enemies heart
Death awaits you here


08-09-2005 17:04:19

Bad student.

All of us could just post song lyrics and pretend.

Please don't.

hahaa lol my plan was faultless....

ack...foiled again!


09-09-2005 10:26:18

Linkin Park is pretty good, just a side note.


09-09-2005 16:26:57

Linkin Park= uber pwnage *especially against pop bands

oh and did I mention Green Day rool to and I dnt mean none of this crappy political stuff :D

Nekura Manji

10-09-2005 06:24:26

Nah, I prefer heavier stuff. GWAR rock- anyone heard them?

A sample:

A pulsating mass
Questing flesh
Protoplasmic PIE!

An ancient hunger
Never filled
Until the universe is killed

That's from 'We Kill Everything', off the album 'We Kill Everything'. Raaar.

Muz Ashen

19-09-2005 12:38:18

*head explodes*

GWAR is wrong on so very many levels.

I'm actually surprised you found postable lyrics... normally they are so vulgar and twisted, they make gumby scream.

Macron Sadow

19-09-2005 13:54:41


See GWAR twice, once in Charlotte and once in DC. :)

Nekura Manji

20-09-2005 03:29:40

Curse you. Curse you!

But meh. Their lyrics crack me up... particularly '[Expletive Deleted F-word]in' an Animal'. Heheheh. My friend went to see them in Manchester and got sprayed full on with fake blood :P


20-09-2005 11:15:56

Gwar rocks...i love that song...it should be my theme song....I kill everything...mjahahahahahah


20-09-2005 16:19:02

WoW, I though Gwar had broken up! I loved sitting front row at their concerts and have Gwar woman menstrate on me!!!!!
Actually these guys do Rock!

Nekura Manji

20-09-2005 16:27:43

...did you just say 'menstrate'? Creepy. I'll stick to the fake blood.

Although this is dragging it even further off topic, another great band = Sonata Arctica. They're awesome- get 'Ain't Your Fairytale' if you haven't heard them. Power metal at it's finest.

Macron Sadow

27-09-2005 11:00:50

Hmm never heard of them. I'll have to check it out.


27-09-2005 15:16:57

you didnt have to sit front row to get bled on, you just had to be in the first 20 rows.


27-09-2005 18:01:09

Thats the fun part of a Gwar consert...to get blood splatter on you is the best part.
One time when they played in Richmond, VA. after the consert I walked in a 7-11 and claimed I needed help...the clerks saw me covered with the fake blood they all ran towards me and called the cops. Man the look on their faces was worth getting a ticket for public obstruction at the time. :P

Macron Sadow

04-10-2005 19:54:19

Here we go:

“Ballad of Clan Naga Sadow”

(pirate Chanty)

Oh, there once was a Clan called Naaga Sadow
They liked to raise some hell
So Bust out the punch ladle
And hide ye from Fred’s smell

And split some heads
And wake the dead
And down a pint of ale

Two Houses there were in this Clan
The Ragnosians and the Kressh
One was scoundrels to the man
The others were just a mess

And split some heads
And wake the dead
And down a pint of ale

They went to kill some Jedi
And shorten them of their heads
We used their skulls for liquor jars
Right after the dogs were dead

And split some heads
And wake the dead
And down a pint of ale

So welcome ye to Sadow
Ye’ve joined the Pirate Band
The coolest in the Brotherhood
The scurviest in the Land!