HMR Website


24-11-2006 08:54:47

In an effort to A: get something on Derev's "To-Do" list done, B: To get my name off of a webpage that is over 4 years old and doesnt work, C: To see how many people actually read this board, and D: Because i have so much free time on my hands (read: none)....

I'm going to redesign the HMR website.

But, being the nice person i am, i figured i'd ask what you people actually want on the website.

So post your ideas, and i'll file through them when i'm ready to make the page. :P

Macron Sadow

24-11-2006 13:28:08

Cool, I read it... :) Welcome back, even though I am a Kresshie.
cheers, Mac


25-11-2006 10:03:11

hmm, well, we should talk more often then :P

I started on one today, fianlly..if you want it, by all means...

the old site is still up under /old_site


03-12-2006 05:11:36

I was wondering what happened to the old site, and now I know, thanks!
Good luck to both of you with what you're planning to do on the HMR Website, I'll just stick to creating my BT a website. ;)