The Marka Ragnos Cathedral

Muz Ashen

19-02-2005 17:36:08

the legendary Library.

Muz Ashen

19-02-2005 17:36:39


Muz Ashen

19-02-2005 17:54:58

the kitchen


20-02-2005 18:18:18

Very nice. but that kitchen is a little small for the number of people in the House isn't it?

Muz Ashen

20-02-2005 20:05:40

Well, considering that most ragnosians are on a 'liquid diet' (read: largely lushes), the cantina will have a much larger capacity.

Nekura Manji

21-02-2005 09:18:32

R0x0r. I want to see the Aediles and Quaestors office drawn like this :D

Jasru Lakca

21-02-2005 13:49:17

Don't forget the CoG's office who is also a loyal member of the house.

Nekura Manji

21-02-2005 16:08:31

Oh yeah... good point. And a fancy office for the CoG with lots of swords and things in it ^_^


21-02-2005 16:31:19

LoL, at this point they should just make a CoG permanent office in HMR. Third one elected and all =P

ya know... =P


Nekura Manji

22-02-2005 11:10:44

Heheh... good point, Raist. Must be the astounding martial tradition we have here, y'know? ^_^

Muz Ashen

22-02-2005 18:13:18

The Marka Ragnos Cathedral in all its wicked glory.


22-02-2005 21:39:46

Hate to say it but that looks more like a boarding school than an ancient Temple, unless we moved while I was away or something.

Muz Ashen

23-02-2005 08:29:47

People don't live in temples, not even the clergy. They live in outbuildings, or in catacombs beneath.
And with around 40 people in HMR, that's a lot of people to put in beds...not counting the countless NPC apprentices and such. ANd then there is the need for a library, cantinas, training rooms, etc.
Drawing a building that maintains the ancient look while keeping some of the elaborate styling used interior was far from easy. And as Krath, we don't particularly go for the spartan and undecorated look.
Mind you, this does not show the gated courtyard, the high walls, or the ship-bay around the back, so it probably does look a little small.

If you can do better, please by all means, try.

Nekura Manji

23-02-2005 11:55:52

Think about it, Muz... of course nobody can do better ^_^ I quite like that, though... has a nice, evil look to it. I'd like to see the whole thing with courtyard, high walls, ship-bay, etc though... ^_^

Muz Ashen

23-02-2005 12:38:23

Manji, what have we been taught? There is always someone better, stronger, faster, better trained, or just plain more talented than you. And the second you forget this is usually when you meet them.

Rori might be a far more talented artist than I. I encourage participation in any of our endeavors. It is not about MY supremacy, it is about OUR supremacy.

Nekura Manji

23-02-2005 13:04:48

Fair enough... any other awesome, kick-arse artists hiding their light under a bushel? And willing to help Muz in his pictorial representation of the Marka Ragnos Cathedral?


14-03-2005 23:06:45

Out of curiosity, what program are you using to create those images?

Muz Ashen

15-03-2005 09:19:21

Oh, it's a very very old program called paper, with a newer upgrade called pencil ;)

i do these by hand, the old school way, then scan them in and reverse them out...which you can do with nearly any graphics program from ms paint to corel photo-paint to adobe photshop.


15-03-2005 09:52:17

Well then. I must say. You have a very nice, and unique drawing style. Your lines are straight and crisp. I am not personally a good artist, but I went to college for architecture, so I learned the techniques. The only advice I can give you (if you are even looking for it) to really put you over the top is for you to work the lineweights so that the closest things to you are darker and furthest lighter.
For example, the kitchen is almost all heavy lines. Therefore everything jumps out of the page, or screen in this case, at you. Make the table stand out the most, the beginning of the cabinets and cupboard lighter than the table, then the cabinets in the rear the lightest. If you can do that, you'll make these beautiful drawings even better.

Muz Ashen

15-03-2005 10:26:46

Thaks for the critique. I had a few years of architecture in high school (gotta love those really big school districts...). I rarely break out the old pro pencil, with the different be quite honest, i suck at line weights, and i despise the whole rolling the pencil thing as you draw. thank heavens my professional drafting is all computer based. *wink*

but, yeah, i see what you're talking about. now if i can just be arsed to find my old drafting kit...