19-02-2005 15:36:56

Congratulations to the following on their promotions:

Taliana Ordo: JH!
Link Vortex: JH!
Kat Pridemore: PRT!


19-02-2005 15:54:27

congrats Kat and Taliana ^_^

Nekura Manji

19-02-2005 16:22:45

Congrats, everyone- j00 rock! ^_^

Muz Ashen

19-02-2005 18:16:34

In a quiet ritual today, JH Phantom was declared A Dark Jedi Knight.

Congratulations, Phantom.

Wear your sabre proudly.


19-02-2005 18:25:21

Yay! Congrats everyon!


19-02-2005 23:43:19

WOOT!!! Congrats to all! :w00t:


20-02-2005 21:11:08

grats to you as well Phantom ^_^

Muz Ashen

28-02-2005 16:13:45

And a big round of applause for Jasru Lakca, who was knighted this last weekend.

Congratulations Sir Lakca, wear your sabre with pride.

Muz Ashen

28-02-2005 16:14:26

And also Kat Pridemore, who advanced to Guardian.


01-03-2005 11:13:03

yay Kat and Jasru ^_^


01-03-2005 16:56:35


Kat Pridemore

05-03-2005 18:15:29

Congrats Jasru!

Muz Ashen

08-03-2005 10:54:03

I'm going to point out Kat as an example of what happens under the Master Student program. She came to the brotherhood, and immediately became my student. I haven't had to teach her much, if anything, as she found most things out on her own. Occasionally, she would ask me for tasks, or ask what she could do toward her next promotion, and I would tell her.

And now, Kat has just been promoted to Jedi Hunter.
Every little bit of her hard work was noticed because she had someone watching over her.

On the other hand, those of you without masters sometimes have to really fight for recognition of the work you do, fighting for attention among such legends as Raistlin Sadow, or Lenzar Entar.

I'll restate the obvious here: Masters help you get Promotions!

And congratulations on your promotion, Kat.

Nekura Manji

08-03-2005 16:18:23

Word. :D


08-03-2005 16:23:24

w00t Kat!

Muz Ashen

17-03-2005 08:08:07

Jedi Huntress Link Vortex completed her final Knight Trial late last night, and was judged ready and willing to bear the lightsaber she had created. She was Knighted in a small and quiet ritual last night, with Quaestor Muz Ashen Keibatsu, Aedile Nekura Manji Keibatsu, and her master, the Obelisk High Commander Korras Aquillarum in attendance.

Congratulations, Link Vortex. Wear your sabre proudly.

Macron Sadow

17-03-2005 08:10:10

Congrats Link!


17-03-2005 08:24:53

Good work Link!


17-03-2005 10:19:15

thanks guys :D
I'm still wondering why you trust me with a lightsabre...
run while you still can :P


17-03-2005 11:42:43

oh good lord no. Don't give her a saber. We're all doomed.

Congrats Mistress Link ^^

Macron Sadow

24-03-2005 17:21:53

Congrats to Kat (tetrach) and Lech (chiurgeon)! Woot!

Kick A!


24-03-2005 17:24:08

Thanks...we'll be kickin some arse. So Kat, you wanna be good cop or bad cop?

Macron Sadow

24-03-2005 17:26:57

Either way, I have your collective backs my friends. I am rather fond of you Ragnosian hooligans! ;)

Kat Pridemore

24-03-2005 18:43:26

Thanks, Macron. We always appreciate backing.

Lech, I think with my whip, I should play bad cop for a bit... besides, we all know how well these people like the whip. ;)

Kat Pridemore


24-03-2005 19:06:58

ohhh...the whip....I might just have to join the team...nah, I'm not a team player anyway ^^

congrats you two.

Nekura Manji

25-03-2005 04:29:40

Hooligans? I resent that :D Heh... only joking. But next time, call me a gentleman or I'll rip your genitals off then stuff them down your throat. :D

Anyway, congrats to Kat and Lech! I'm sure you'll be awesome leaders.


25-03-2005 06:47:35

congrats guys ^_^
Make sure they work hard Kat ^_^

Macron Sadow

25-03-2005 09:12:36


er, gentlemen....


25-03-2005 13:04:37

Good job children. Lech, you haven't cleaned my office as you promised yet.

Nekura Manji

25-03-2005 14:21:01

Heheh... better. You're learning fast, young Padawan... :D


25-03-2005 14:31:05

but you are a hooligan Manji :P

Kat Pridemore

25-03-2005 21:50:15

congrats guys ^_^
Make sure they work hard Kat ^_^

Of course I will... I do have the whip - keeps everyone in line.

Macron Sadow

26-03-2005 12:50:50

congrats lech on getting JH.....


26-03-2005 15:29:22

congrats go out to JH Morg recently promoted


Macron Sadow

26-03-2005 15:30:11

Sweet! Congrats

Kat Pridemore

26-03-2005 16:07:08

congrats go out to JH Morg recently promoted


Congrats Morg!!

Macron Sadow

26-03-2005 19:48:47

A big woot to Muz for getting Krath epis! yayy!

Nekura Manji

27-03-2005 03:42:48

Dammit Macron, ya beat me to it :D Anyway, I second that. Go Muz!


27-03-2005 04:06:18

Morg you finally got promoted! yay! :P

and big congrats to Muz! yay! ^_^

Macron Sadow

27-03-2005 09:02:24

What can I say- I better be on the ball with a master like you! Or I will be in trouble.


31-03-2005 16:29:36

Good job children. Lech, you haven't cleaned my office as you promised yet.

Sheew! My what a large office you have. My what large nails you have. My what large teeth you have. AHHHH! :o

Macron Sadow

15-04-2005 19:35:39

Congrats to Manji on QUA! And to Muz on PCON! Yayyyy!

Muz Ashen

15-04-2005 22:44:48

Macron has to change his sig now. heh.

Kat Pridemore

16-04-2005 01:10:19

Just a big "WOOT!" to both of you. Congrats!

Kat Pridemore


16-04-2005 06:18:19

yeah! big w00ts! :D

Nekura Manji

16-04-2005 06:30:02

Thanks a lot, peeps. The reign of drunken darkness brought in by Muz shall continue... only drunker and darker. And more insane.

Mrah. :D

Okay, okay, I won't steal his catchphrases.


Kat Pridemore

24-05-2005 21:54:23

Congrats Voort on JH!



24-05-2005 22:05:46

meh...Katters got to it before i did. BAH! Great Job Voort, next task will be to you shortly! :D

Muz Ashen

31-05-2005 11:57:29

Congrats go to Kat and Macron for getting DJK.

Awesome work, both of you!

Macron Sadow

04-06-2005 11:30:34

Muchas Gracias, amigo... thanks a lot.

Kat Pridemore

06-06-2005 22:50:27

Yes - congrats Macron! And thank you all for your well wishes.

Kat Pridemore


02-07-2005 15:00:09

I got Guardian! (took me awhile to notice cause im on my grandma's computer so i didn't get th email yet)! and congrats to all the others, Lexy, Xhed, etc. Thank you Kat, Manji, Xanos, Muz, I've been working hard (again tI'm on leave, I can only use the forums, I cant be active now)THANKS!

Kat Pridemore

03-07-2005 19:20:19

Congrats Raven. And Congrats Sharmin on Guardian as well.
Nice work both of you.

And, congrats on the numerous other promotions that just happened - it was a busy conclave.

Kat Pridemore

Shinichi Endymiron K

03-07-2005 22:05:12

Point of Information.

This Clan Rocks.
Continue. :)

Kaine Mandaala

03-07-2005 22:21:45

I'm still DJM! All hail me for being DJM (4+ years) and HRLD (5+ years)!

But seriously - Why IS the HRLD posting here? Because he's watching you all!

Congrats to all those moving up the ladder... Raven, Sharmin, Lexy, Kat, Macron. Voort... etc.

As a reminder of how important your leader is, here's what was said when I recommended Muz be elevated to Epis.

I have seen his work with trying to keep his Clan busy. He has several threads on the forums to assist the membership and holds many events for the clan. I get the impression he has a genuine interest in the responsibilities that are before him, and he handles the matters with serious thought.

I have been more than impressed with his assistance to the Herald's office. The quality of work on custom lightsaber construction and his speedy turn-around are both a major factor in my high praise.

I feel he is more than deserving of an elevation over another medal. He works without expecting reward, which is quite uncommon.

Muz Rox.


03-07-2005 22:28:29

I'm doing custom sabers too! see->
no one has asked for one so ive only made one.

And thank you Kaine

Macron Sadow

04-07-2005 08:34:06

Thanks Kaine- and you are right, Muz rocks.