Points to spend

Muz Ashen

08-02-2005 19:36:01

We have 256 points to spend as of 2/8/05

the 'shopping list' is here: http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.comthe '/forum/index.php?showtopic=11

And here is what we have already:

1 Silvuit Corporation Vibre-class Assault Cruiser (VAC) - Astronicus' Reach
12 Tie Interceptors - modified: shields equipped
4 XG-1 Star Wings
4 A-9 Vigilance Interceptors

Vote and add in your two cents!

And many thanks go to Jasru and Lenzar, the major contributors for HMR in this comp.

Great going, guys!


08-02-2005 19:39:28

A lot of these items are inappropriate for clan/house use, IMO. Stuff like the Talisman of rage and Orbalisk armour. Just my 0.02 ,though..

Muz Ashen

08-02-2005 19:41:33

Added force powers would be helpful for ANY dark Jedi. Orbalisk is a bit too Obbie-concentrated, however. We do have sith and obbies in-house as well.

AT-STs are also within budget...just a note. Although ATST's probably trip in the snow...


08-02-2005 21:11:56

They were used at the battle of hoth..

Muz Ashen

08-02-2005 22:08:56

Were they? I know they used them in the video games, but the only walkers i remember in the movies were the AT-ATs.

Aidan Kincaid

08-02-2005 23:31:47

Ya the personal items = personal... and not clan :P Clan stuff are the big things the the entire clan can use. Don't be passing around some dirty talismans and orbalisk... :P

Nekura Manji

09-02-2005 04:03:28

Snowspeeders! Hell, we live on a planet covered in snow- wouldn't it be great if instead of having to rely on tauntauns, we could fly out there and blast the crud out of people who annoy us? :D And yeah, I agree that since they're clan points we should get stuff for the clan... although, doesn't each person have a single points tally for themselves?


09-02-2005 06:09:36

Were they? I know they used them in the video games, but the only walkers i remember in the movies were the AT-ATs.

If you watch ESB closely, you can see an AT-ST in the background in a couple of shots..not sure if it's in other editions other than DVD, though.


09-02-2005 07:38:54

Snowspeeders! Hell, we live on a planet covered in snow- wouldn't it be great if instead of having to rely on tauntauns, we could fly out there and blast the crud out of people who annoy us? :D

For my sake that isnt such a good thing....

Nekura Manji

09-02-2005 11:34:43

I meant external people, obviously... bounty hunters, K'hamar'ans... etc. Although, now that you mention it, we could strap you to the bonnet of a snowspeeder and fly around for a couple of hours... :D

Also, my other vote (if I get one) goes to AT-ST's- purely because the sight of those muthas wreaking havoc amongst ground troops (as long as they're not Ewoks) is a beautiful thing to behold. :D


09-02-2005 12:03:12

Malness and I are saving up some points to buy a pair of AT-AT's, actually... :P

and I will be getting myself a Chariot LAV... I figured I could use a mobile command center of my own... :P

Muz Ashen

09-02-2005 12:33:49

I think you guys are forgetting the other half of Tarthos' year...the time when it is a very pleasantly hot summer....

Snowspeeders would probably overheat half the year.

AT-ST's would be good for year round, but they are primarily scout vehicles. rather slow and lightly armed as such. they are also 2x as expensive as the snowspeeders.

AT-AT's are primarily troop transport, but heavily armed and armored. And slow. don't think we want to go there.

The primary thing about the amulet's were as loaners from the HMR 'stash' for whatever purposes. Imagine we have to send a Knight to a duel with another Knight...the amulet of rage would certainly tilt the scales in our favor.

And that, right there ties into an idea that i had involving the CNS ACC thing i have been running... Having the champions of our house and another fight, gladiator style, for points like we gained here.

but, that's another idea, for another time.


09-02-2005 15:37:19

I have to agree with Lenzar about the personal items... I've always hated with a real passion the idea of personal items being 'awards'. It just seems dumb.

Now totally unique items such as artefacts; that's different. But something like a jetpack? If I want a jetpack when I write a story I'll give myself a jetpack, its far from the sort of great and important device that I feel I need to have been officially awarded.

I'd steer clear of troop transports at present as hopefully our new High Commander might be kind enough to do something akin to what we did with Capital Gains for the command ships and what I did with the Sith War for starfighters by running some form of competition that gets every Clan off to a bit of a realistic even start from which we can then all go and start specialising. I think thats really necessary before going off and buying individual items.

After all, a single AT-ST is almost meaningless, its not going to achieve anything on its own. If AT-STs are to be effective they have to come in groups. Ideally I'd argue things like AT-STs should be "sold" in teams similar to how starfighters are sold in squadrons. For a single AT-ST is like owning a single TIE Interceptor; it's not going to do you a lot of good. One TIE Bomber could take care of an AT-ST, and the TIE Bomber probably costs more too.

I'd just focus on upgrading your starfighters at present. The navy is already an established entity with equivalents throughout all the Clans meaning there's a "running standard" of how much something is worth. The AT-ATs and AT-STs seem to be more of a "gimic" right now than a real award, for until we sort out how much each are worth in reflection of some kind of bigger army they're rather meaningless (read: until the Dark Council has something by which to set standards to and compare to an AT-ST on its own doesn't mean much, by comparison, you can compare the relative value of a squadron of TIE Interceptors to other Clans fleets and the Dark Council's own).

Then again... looking at those starfighter upgrades, they seem equally meaningless. I don't know what you're meant to compare an "upgraded sublight drive" too. Fair enough, we might be able to say our TIE Interceptors go 20 MGLT faster than an ordinary TIE Interceptor; but who actually cares? That isn't something that can be changed on a whim with custom made missions for the games nor the kind of technical detail anyone is going to even consider bothering to waste time trying to incorporate into a story.

So I don't know is my best answer. I'd say keep saving up and pray some decent stuff comes available. The only item I'd consider to be even remotely worth owning would be the AT-AT. I'm shocked that doesn't cost more, or that the AT-ST doesn't cost less, as a single AT-AT is a valuable possession, I can't say the same for a single AT-AT; they're Star Wars cannon fodder (come on they can be destroyed by Ewoks for Darth's sake).


09-02-2005 16:00:35

Like me, whether it be on purpose or accident, keep your eyes open :P.

I dont know when all these possesions will be put to use, but i agree with Xanos when he says build a navy :)


19-02-2005 18:11:42

*scratches head*

"Lasers for our TIE Interceptors" Is that an upgrade, or are our fighters actually totally defenseless currently?

Of the main choices I'd probably go with the Airspeeders as they're the most tangible and real possession that seems to be available. I do wish you could buy actual starfighters though; the idea of buying things you can actually percieve is far more appealing to me than just upgrading things we already have. I'd rather have 14 TIE Interceptors over 12 TIE Interceptors with improved lasers or whatever.


23-02-2005 04:02:19

the only modification I felt was truly useful for the TIE's, were the shields. sure, it might drain the energy a bit more... but you cut back on speed in combat anyways.

now, we recently fought those Khamarans imaginations in the temple... imaginations or not, consider an AT-AT stomping right into the middle of them, blasting, squishing, etc, on them. or any other oponent, for that matter. I see their transport capacity as an 'added advantage', since the sight of them alone is enough to put some fear into an oponent.

the only thing I don't like... is that I now have to turn my T/A 'Tin Can' back in... even though I get a VSD in return... I want a fighter, too, dang it. :P


23-02-2005 06:56:55

Begging your pardon for my ignorance, but what will these awards do? Will we just be able to use them in our stories?


23-02-2005 07:02:16

I know I really have no business sticking my nose in here since I didn't help earn the points or anything, but hell I love sticking my nose where it doesn't belong.

Anyway, arguements have been made for lasers for the ties, walkers, and even snowspeeders, but I'm curious. Why not put hyperdrives on a squadron of TIEs. something completely unexpected, high speed scout, get in get out before anyone has time to scramble defences, then in comes the main force with the intel on what to expect and the TIEs come right back in with em.

Or even Upgraded shields. It's nice to have shields on the TIEs but why not make em stronger so they can survive a little more than one or two hits?

Better yet take both. Turn a squadron or two into the ultimate in Geurilla warfare. Scout, hit, and fade while calling in the bigger guns.

The only use we would have for snowspeeders or AT-ATs is if an enemy actually manages to land on planet, and if our naval forces are doing their jobs properly that should never happen. So basically it comes down to do we trust our naval forces to do the job they are out there to do? Or do we waste our points on ground forces that might never even see battle.

Anywho that's my two cents.


23-02-2005 07:12:25

Actually Korras you should get access to a starfighter from the squadron kept aboard the Vae Victis... though no previous OHC has ever actually bothered yet to flesh out the details regarding what is stored on board the ship. Though you should get a squadron or some form of stock fighters.

Muz Ashen

23-02-2005 08:47:51

I'm inclined to agree with the theory of 'fleet first'.

We may be considering the fact that we are not Sith, and that we don't participate in space battles a lot, but the fact of the matter is that while HMR does a lion's share of the point earning (Woo Lenz and Jasru), we still have to look out for the whole of Sadow. Having an utterly decimating squadron of TIE's would rock. Enhancing the hell out of just one squad could do the duty of six. Anyone who plays JtL will attest to the fact of superior equipment making the difference between killing 5 fighters in a row versus taking down dozens at a time.

Personally, I think that the effect of an at-at slowly plodding toward an enemy only serves as blaster bait. Something that large and slow just begs to be destroyed. Fielding a dozen or so in a massive land conquest may demoralize the crap out of someone, but only by sheer size of the force we are fielding. Witness the Battle of Hoth. Even faced with the demoralizing effect of tons of these beasts, the rebels still struck back, taking down a few of them before retreating. One or two ain't going to do squat. My humble opinion, naturally.

Xizor, the rewards from this comp will be considered official clan (and personal) holdings under rebirth, where characters belongings are more strictly enforced, and earn-able.


24-02-2005 06:30:06

And when will Rebirth finally occur?

Muz Ashen

24-02-2005 07:55:03

I'm not at liberty to say.

Actually, I have no fragging clue. They have been working on it for many moons now, and if I had to guess, I would guess that it will be put into effect sometime around the release of the last Star Wars Film.

Nekura Manji

24-02-2005 12:58:37

I sure hope it is... if we think about it, having a fancy new spangly site with Rebirth around the release of the last film would mean that it would impress those people who look for a Dark Jedi site and find ours after seeing the film. It's a logical step... so they probably won't release it then :D


24-02-2005 13:30:38

heh it's been in the works for well over a year so good luck seeing it by the release of the final movie. heck I get the feeling that it's going to be a MoO3 or HL2 kind of situation. "oh it'll be out in three months" "no we're bumping it back 6 more months" "It'll be out next year" Maybe we'll see it someday if we're lucky.

Muz Ashen

24-02-2005 14:14:49

Whoa, buddy... did you miss your dose of happy pills this morning? Relax. Rebirth will be sweet when it gets here...and since I'm not doing a whole lot of work to push it forward, i'm not going to complain if it ain't out sooner.

Chill, we're all having fun here, aren't we?


24-02-2005 14:22:03

Im a happy little pyscho demented ewok that is happy running around and beating the snot out of things, so im happy, all this talk about being happy makes me so happy that I really wish i wasnt happy because feeling all this glee makes me think of flowers and it gets really annoying then i start thinking about muz, then i laugh because its so funny, and the root word of funny is fun, so its all fun, and im having fun just thinking about muz, FUN!

Muz Ashen

24-02-2005 14:32:09

/me slaps the h3ll outta the ewok.

who gave the little guy sugar? WHO?!?

Nekura Manji

24-02-2005 14:49:38

Uh... *raises his hand* That would be me. Sorry... <_<


24-02-2005 14:54:04

*shakes her head*

Bad Manji :P


24-02-2005 15:33:50

Actually Korras you should get access to a starfighter from the squadron kept aboard the Vae Victis... though no previous OHC has ever actually bothered yet to flesh out the details regarding what is stored on board the ship. Though you should get a squadron or some form of stock fighters.

actually... it got only two squadrons of Tie Bombers on board... makes sense, really, but I'm not going to fly in that. :P