Holiday 2005

Kat Pridemore

11-12-2005 14:34:52

How do you celebrate this season? How do you break up the dreary winter? Or, in a true scrooge-like manner, do you despise all that has to do with the holidays?

Nekura Manji

11-12-2005 17:36:43

Damn right. Bloody Christmas gets on my nerves. I enjoy eating extremely nice food and sitting on my arse over the Christmas period, and I enjoy opening the presents, but all this tinkly-winkly lovey-dovey Oh-look-it's-Santa-Claus crap gets my goat up.

If dear old Santa pops round to my house on Christmas Eve, he'd better bring a kevlar vest. And something to protect against the edge of a razor-sharp katana. >:D

Kat Pridemore

27-12-2005 18:30:59

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season, no matter how you celebrate. Or don't celebrate. :P

Kat Pridemore


27-12-2005 19:46:16

I don't really get to celebrate much this year seeing as I've been on a liquid diet all through the holidays :P


28-12-2005 20:42:04


only way to celebrate!