Sephiroth Kali

28-05-2005 18:21:38

Check this out.

Judge: parents can't teach pagan beliefs


30-05-2005 10:44:58

Interesting decision...then again, I have the feeling we don't have all the details on it. The article seems to indicate that this was something already in the divorce proceedings and the judge was simply not removing it.

Maybe I'm just reading it wrong...


30-05-2005 11:16:42

That provision was in the original divorce papers...but it was put there by the judge and not by either of the parents. So yes, this is idiotic :P

Yeah...about the non-Catholic going to Catholic school...maybe it's different in the States but there were plenty of people who went to Catholic school here that weren't Catholic in any way. There were never any problems though...*shrug*


30-05-2005 18:10:39

well, that is an interesting brief but I always feel like things have been left out when I read them. Also, won't it hurt the kid more by making the news about this as compared to keeping it quiet?

As to a non-Catholic attending a Catholic school most places have no problem with that if you're willing to pay the tuition provided no members of the Parish that sponsor the school are on a waiting list.


01-06-2005 18:35:31

I'm pretty sure that the provision set by the judge will be struck down by a higher court. Although I personally don't condone the religion, our Constitution guarantees freedom of worship, so what they believe in shouldn't affect these legal proceedings.

So the judge in this case is a doof. :P


01-06-2005 19:09:04

Yea...i see a lawsuit coming, invasion of gaurenteed rights >.<

Sephiroth Kali

02-06-2005 08:30:50

I hope so.

Karan Callidus Entar

01-08-2005 21:50:04

What a load of crap. I was baptised in a roman catholic church, attended a roman catholic primary school and a catholic high school, and what religion have I turned out? Druid. In nearly all of my friends attended Catholic schools and arent christian. This sounds like the judges own personal predjudices against something he doesnt understand in my opinion.