XBOX 360


27-05-2005 10:11:04

Well before i start talking about how awesome it is, here's the specs.

CPU: Custom-Designed IBM PowerPC-based CPU with 3 Symmetrical cores running at 3.2 GHz each; 2 hardware threads per core and 6 hardware threads total

Graphics Processor: 500 MHz custom-designed chip, developed by Microsoft and ATI

Total Memory: 512 MB GDDR3 RAM

Memory Bandwidth: -Main Memory: 22.4GB/sec
-EDRAM rendering memory: 256GB
-Front Side Bus: 21.6 GB/sec

Polygon Performance: 500m/sec

Simultaneous Textures: -16 simultaneous textures
-Bilinear Filtering

Built-In Hard disk: Detachable, upgradeable hard disk (REMOVABLE HARD DRIVE HELL YEAH)

I/O: -Wireless Game Controllers x4
-3 USB 2.0 ports
-2 memory unit slots

Audio Channels: More than 256

3D audio support in
hardware: Yes

Dolby Digital 5.1
Surround Sound: Yes

Parental Controls: Yes (In the immortal words of Metallica "Sad But True")

Broadband enabled: -Yes, optimized for online:
-instant access to Xbox live features, Including Xbox Live Marketplace for
downloadable content, Gamer Profile for digital identity, and Party Chat to
talk to friends while playing games, watching movies, or listening to music
-Built-in Ethernet Port
-Wi-Fi Ready 802.11 A, B, and G
-Video-camera ready

DVD movie playback: Yes, built-in progressive scan

HDTV game support: Yes

Max Resolution: 1920x120

Xbox Live: Free for people who own 360


27-05-2005 10:19:50

I assume you can log into Xbox Live on either xbox or x2?


27-05-2005 10:25:50

Indeed, though you are only aloud to play games and tournaments online on the weekend with the Silver Membership, but with gold you get the whole shebang like Video Chat and all that fun stuff.


27-05-2005 12:51:47

I think they will keep all the basics to silver, and all the add ons such as the video chat and other stuff to gold.


27-05-2005 20:43:15

That is correct Xhedias. That is why i plan on getting Gold. Pther features include being able to download music from your MP3 player onto the xbox via USB cable, as well as digital pictures that you can set as your background. Contrary to popular belief the Xbox is still not done and is being updated constantly. The latest pic's of PDZ are awesome compared to the first screenshots that looked like [Expletive Deleted].

Requite deSaiah

11-06-2005 14:13:29

Xbox live is a waste of cash if you ask me...... Though I must admit that the Xbox360 does look great thus far. Though I find myself drifting toward the PS3 from time to time.... I hear that the Final Fantasy franchise is moving to Xbox now. I have seen screen shots of the latest product: Amazing.


11-06-2005 20:12:46

Wow, FF on Xbox, thats like dream come true cause I am a huge RPG fan. That was like the only game I liked from Playstation. Though as you all know that Xbox fans mostly dislike the PS systems. I am probably getting both though.


04-08-2005 16:32:12

Yeah, we know its going to be great :D , I don't need telling that, but when's it out.


04-08-2005 16:51:39

hopefully soon becasue gears of war is the sh**!!!!


05-08-2005 12:35:47

You can already preorder an Xbox 360. It is set to release November 15th.


06-08-2005 09:40:36

did i say already that gears of war is the sh**? have you seen the graphics and gameplay of that godforsaken(in a good way) game? also another game i want is....elder scrolls oblivion, thats right folks, and this time the graphics dont suck...!!! wohooo!!!


07-08-2005 16:42:58

Oblivion is set to be a release title for the X360 so thats like the first game I am getting for it.

Lanius Sin

08-08-2005 09:55:25

The Xbox FF game is planned to be an MMORPG allso. cant wait.. the screens are cool


08-08-2005 14:55:50

Though FF is one of my most anticipated titles that is being released for the X360, I would have to say Halo 3 is my most anticipated game. The graphics were awesome on Xbox I can't imagine what they'll be like on X360. The game is going to be AWESOME, but then they are going to kill it with a corny movie.

Ark Dowell

13-08-2005 01:20:33

I'm waiting for Fable 2 to come out for XBOX2!! Yeah! Just a few more months and I'll get to steal... errr... I mean, buy one!!

Bajorek Sholis

15-08-2005 22:23:42

Games for XBOX 360 Release: Full Auto (The amazing offspring of the Twisted Metal and Need For Speed franchises), The Godfather (wouldn't recommend it, GTA meets Mafia), The Outfit (Good WWII FPS, has a MErcenaries touch to it, hint*) Test Drive: Unlimited (Another Kick-ass racing game), Dark Sector (typical Sci-Fi horror), Gears of War (Ultimate combination of DarkWatch, uhh Doom 3, and...), Elder's Scrolls IV: Oblivion (The ultimate RPG with the ultimate graphics and the ultimate AI action and software, need I say more?) Dead or Alive 4 (Fighting game), Project Gotham 3(Another racing game). Ninety-Nine Nights(Good graphics for whatever the genre is), Condemed (Horror), Quake IV (The familiar FPS Multi-player game gone SIngle player), Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Jeez!), Kameo: Elements of Power (?), Ghost Recon 3 (You know, lol), Call of Duty II (probably the best FPS game to come out on XBOX 360), Perfect Dark Zero (.....). Any questions, full magazine here.

Ark Dowell

17-08-2005 08:19:34

The new Morrowind game's on XBOX 360? Wow, I didn't realize that. Makes me wanna get the sytem even more. :D

Drodik alTor

17-08-2005 17:07:54

how much will it cost


23-08-2005 18:45:41

You can get a standard one for about 299 dollars, you can upgraded one for about $399


02-09-2005 05:36:07

Going to clarify rumors.

First, the FF Franchise is not moving to the Xbox360. The Xbox360 is getting a 5-6 year old game called Final Fantasy XI, which is an MMORPG, which requires a monthly fee to play. I've been playing it on my Playstation 2 for about two years now.

Xbox Live...Silver Membership is not Xbox Live without "voice chat", etc. Silver means you can have a profile, and that's basically it. On weekends you can play online games with other people. Other than that, that's it. No online play for Silver except on Weekends.

Gold Membership is where you can play online with other people anytime during the week. It's like Xbox Live for the original Xbox, except with new features.

As for backwards compatibility...the Xbox 360 will have backwards compatibility, but not *real* backwards compatibility. It will be running older games off EMULATORS.

And what that means is if you do not own the harddrive (comes with the $399 system not the $299 one) you cant play your old Xbox games.



02-09-2005 15:42:16

i'm pretty tempted with the full upgraded ackage of the xbox 360, but 70 is a lot ore money to dish out. It is, however good value as a ahrd drive alone costs that amount of money.


02-09-2005 15:43:16

also, i bet its more expensive over here as we have to pay about 60 more for the psp, nver mind the xbox 360.


02-09-2005 15:46:53

I blame Gordon Brown.


02-09-2005 16:16:31

Can't wait


03-09-2005 02:28:26

I would get the $400 package. The $300 one is crap. You won't have as much fun with it.


03-09-2005 09:42:09

problem is at max. I get about 200 for christmas. That's off everyone's cash together, so, i may need to settle for the core package, and build from there.

Drodik alTor

15-09-2005 00:12:36

Whoa I just read that, like theres a package that is 700 bucks for five x360 games and the headset and hardrive and all those goodies.

Sephiroth Kali

21-09-2005 08:23:26

never heard of a package for more than 399. So about the DVD compatibility, you say its built in, will we still need to buy a playback kit?

Ceric Crimson

26-09-2005 20:02:31

Whoa I just read that, like theres a package that is 700 bucks for five x360 games and the headset and hardrive and all those goodies.

wow. Thats news to me...and here I thought I had all my options covered....

Do you know what five games come with that package.

Cuz the thing that I am shooting for is Halo 3, duh, Elder Scrolls 4, and Perfect Dark Zero, in other words, the flagship games.


10-10-2005 09:04:04

Eh so far i think there are roughly....I'm gonna say like 17 release title for X360. Oblivion is one of them, and I heard that they moved PS3's release date to the spring, or maybe it always has been the spring IDK, but either way....

Ceric Crimson

10-10-2005 12:47:10

Oh, and I almost forgot, another huge 360 game is....*drum roll*....Gears of War! Which, if I don't say so myself, I will be getting before the new Halo, thank you very much.


10-10-2005 19:29:50

Probably b/c it releases before the new halo