12-05-2005 13:15:04

GRIF IS THE BEST. To people who have not seen RVB before you might think i am going crazy. and your probably right. If you havn't seen RVB, go to then go to Videos and download a couple episodes, their hilarious. the show is basicly a bunch of guys in a halo/2 multiplayer adding voices and other stuff to make a very funny comedy show. tell me what you think


12-05-2005 18:40:54

It's interesting. heh, puma :P


12-05-2005 21:21:38

If puma is all you got to you have a long way to go


12-05-2005 22:23:04

At least ive watched them


13-05-2005 20:12:17

lol i have the first two seasons on dvd and have already downloaded the others. I still say that 55 is the best of Season 3

Requite deSaiah

14-05-2005 14:10:52

"God damnit Privet! Shut yer mouth before I have Simmons here slit your throat in while you're asleep!"

"Oh I'd do it too."

"I know ya would Simmons, good man."

Kick Ass. I've seen them all, but I've only purchased season one for the DVD.


15-05-2005 21:45:10

"Hey simmons whats that mexican lizard that eats all the goats?"

"Chipicobra sir"

"hey grif how bout it, Chupathingy, got a nice ring to it."

Requite deSaiah

18-05-2005 21:03:50

Lol. Gotta love the Sergeant.


19-05-2005 10:32:15

"aw man we're getting a rookie."

"You got it dead man"

Requite deSaiah

22-05-2005 17:57:00

"That's exactly right Privet. War's over, we won. Turns out you're the big hero, and we're going to thow a parade in your honor. I get to drive the float, and Simmons here.... Is in CHARGE OF CONFFETI!"

Oh yeah....

My favourite Character would be either O'Mally, or Church.


24-05-2005 12:01:23

I got the Grif t-shirt, but I like Sergeant too. Donut is too girly for me. Chruch is too much of an ass-hole. Did you see the one when they remember how church was in blood gulch.

Syrus Korodin

24-05-2005 21:47:32

I love RvB. I need to download the rest, though.

I only have up to 53 or so now.


25-05-2005 10:09:25


"i guess this year its not ho ho ho its just ho ho." - Church


"Cut that out ass hole" Simmons

"Now you only got one ho...." - Church

"I wish i only had one ho.." - Tucker

"Shut the [Expletive Deleted F-word] up." Church

"Knock Knock" - Gary

"Who's there." - Church

"Shisno" - Gary

"Shisno who?" - Gary

"You are a dirty dirty shisno hahaha" - Gary

Requite deSaiah

11-06-2005 14:15:36

"And if you're lucky, you'll get a copper rectum."


Seen Seasnon three yet?


21-06-2005 12:19:22

I saw it before most other people I am a sponser. So i get to see the Video before they release it. I loved the season finale.

"If she isn't the Great Destroyer then who is?"

*long pause*

"Knock knock"

"Who's there"

*Elite creeps up behind him then......TO BE CONTINUED


07-07-2005 00:19:50

"Hey sarge, when you die, can i have your armor?"

"Shut up."

(from the guy in pink armor, you know, i forget what season that is.)


08-07-2005 11:07:52

"what is that thing?" Tucker

"I don't know, looks like they got some kind of car down there, we better get back to base and report it" Church

"A car? How come they get a car?" Tucker

"What are you complaining about man, we are about to get a tank at the very next drop." Church

"Can't pick up chicks in a tank." Tucker

"Oh you know what you could bitch about anything, we are gonna get a tank, and your worried about chicks, what chicks are we gonna pick up man? And secondondaly how are we gonna pick up chicks in a car that looks like that?" Church

"what Kind of car is it?" Tucker

"i don't know I've never seen a car like that, looks like a big cat..." Church

"Like a Puma?" Tucker

"Yeah man there ya go." Church.