Halo 2, Halo 3?


29-04-2005 12:57:58

What do you think about Halo 2 and what would your suggestions be for Halo 3?


29-04-2005 15:16:42

That you cant beat the game in two days.


30-04-2005 15:28:11

Make a better ending!

Requite deSaiah

30-04-2005 19:05:24

Step up in game graphics. Give the intellectual dialouge a facelift, and for heaven sake, if this turns into another Riddick ® I'm going to pass out. Sheesh, those Necromongers ® about killed me....


03-05-2005 13:34:05

What? Halo 2 is nothing like Riddick. And i realy doubt the third one will be the same. It didn't take me two days to beat it..........more like 8 hours, but still. I think the game designers should start making games like 10 times longer, we shouldn't have to pay 50 bucks for 8 hours of enjoyment( i am talking about the game, not prostitutes). Damn at least make the storyline worth 24 hours of play.

Requite deSaiah

03-05-2005 20:20:48

I never said it was like Riddick. Read before you type. I was reffering to the franchise. At first, Riddick was gold. Then it degraded into some horrible SciFi/Fantasy piece of Shizit.


04-05-2005 13:56:10

You didn't say you were referring to the franchise, so what did you expect me to think. And riddick is still gold, well to me it is. Especially seens how the game kicked ass. Can't believe it won best game after a movie with Spider Man 2 and Battlefront out. Then again Tigon Studios might be the next Bungie, but i don't know.

Requite deSaiah

04-05-2005 21:49:38

Herm.... Odd, everyone knows Fable ® kicked ass.


05-05-2005 20:04:51

Yes it did, although it was also extremely easy to beat.


06-05-2005 13:40:38

I beat the Jack of Blade without being hit at all it was kinda pathetic. They should combine Elder Scrolls and Fable and have one kick ass RPG

Requite deSaiah

06-05-2005 20:55:15

LOL. That would be wonderful! Fable ® was though, almost excrutiatingly easy and so.... Damn.... SHORT! Arg. I played through files in a day. (Summer, I was bored, all by myself) I do have a question however; did you follow the path of Skorm or altruistic Avo? Me, Avo. (I know I'm a Dark Sider, but Fable ® truly makes it difficult, not to mention lonely, when you begin slaughtering people. Like real life.)


10-05-2005 11:52:28

I followed Skorm the first time, found it easier to get stuff. Avo the second, and both the third, just trying to get all the legendary weapons which i succeded in doing.

Jac Cotelin

12-05-2005 00:14:47

Halo 2 = Best MP experience evar.


12-05-2005 07:44:57

Yep Yep, MP experiance is pretty sweet until the game drops from someones xbox and all the players start singing.


12-05-2005 10:26:24

K.K one of the best, not THE best. I am a huge Halo 2 fan but even i know that there are some gmes out there that match the MP fun level of H2