Go to see Phantom Menace in 3d and a UFC fight breaks out


10-02-2012 05:15:50

Just got back from the midnight showing of Star Wars, Phantom Menace in 3d. and the best part was a actual fight broke out in the theater afterwards. Stupid idiot is now on his way to jail for assault. Damn! Go to see a movie and a UFC fight in one night in one place. LOL

A black guy and his two white friends were talking trash to a guy and his family before the movie. After it ended, the black guy kept up the verbal assault. Then he sucker punch the guy and me and 2 others tried to pull the black guy off as he continued to hit and kick him.

The Black guy and his friends tried to take off and run from the police that were there within a minute. Victim had a bloody nose. Black guy arrested for assault and for putting his hands on the victims kid too. ATTN STUPID PEOPLE.....DONT SEE SW....KEEP YOUR DRUNK ASSES AT HOME.....