Luxeon Lighsaber W/ Crystal Focus


17-12-2008 20:19:46 >:)


20-10-2009 00:28:52á >:)

Another saber lover who knows of the "Buttered Toast."

I am DarthXanthus on the FX Forums. Don't be a stranger!

Half the reason I am slacking here is due to being focused on lightsaber crafting. I just got 2 curved hilts in working order for the GF an d now need to modify them for appearance. They are running FX Maul boards and Lux3 R/O LEDs.

I will be hunting a CF or 3 down at the next release. I own "Umok" that had a CF in it (empty now for reconditioning/coloring the hilt), one CF installed saber on the way, and I am having Do-Clo make me one that I hope to have a CF for soon.