City Of Heroes/villains

Sith Bloodfyre

26-09-2008 01:21:39

Besides Oberst and myself, does anyone else play this game?


26-09-2008 02:09:39

I play it for a month or two every now and then.

Xander Drax

27-09-2008 16:29:20

I've got a whole slew of characters on Virtue at the moment, just on an inactive account.


13-10-2008 10:17:05

I haven't played CoH in months. What server?


18-10-2008 06:11:03

I used to play CoH along time ago and always wanted to play CoV and thats from a nongamer lol

Selika Roh

30-11-2008 20:40:08

Just an update, I know Kosk and I recently reactivated our accounts, and we have characters on Virtue.