Emperor Palpatine Vs. Sauron Vs. Voldemort

Severon V

11-06-2008 14:56:51

Honestly, I believe Sauron would win. He has the best chance and is a popular villain. >:)


16-06-2008 05:37:37

Two words; force storms.


18-06-2008 06:02:16

Palpatine wins. No question.

Macron Sadow

18-06-2008 11:21:56

Sauron is a Maair- he is basically immortal.


22-06-2008 13:25:45

Palpatine... lightsabers always cut through steel swords and armor. And with the inclusion of the force...

Muz Ashen

23-06-2008 11:31:30

Sauron. He's a god, basically.


25-06-2008 03:21:27

Just to add on something; I think that Voldemort is out automatically but between Sauron and Palpatine, it really depends. If it is Sauron without the One Ring then I think Palpatine would make short work of him but if Sauron did have the One Ring, it would be a much closer battle. Taking into account that Sauron is a God, I'd think Palpatine would eventually realize that his foe couldn't be killed and just try to get out of the battle alive. Palps wouldn't necessarily have to kill Sauron, just defeat him in battle or hold him off till he could escape.


26-06-2008 04:24:25

Well I'm gonna say Voldemort based upon this. :P

Mysterious Ticking Noise


14-07-2008 23:19:47

Dude, all Voldemort has to do is wave his wand and people die. That's pretty epic. The only thing that happens when Palpatine waves his wrinkly "wand" is he attracts Anakin Skywalker. And Sauron doesn't even have a "wand", which disqualifies him.

Oh, as a sidenote, you know you've reached a new pinnacle of geek when you start comparing three of the most stereotypically geek books/movies of all time.


15-07-2008 18:42:29

I repeat; force storms


19-07-2008 13:35:40

But force storms take awhile to form, it isn't instant. Same with Sauron, most of his stuff takes awhile to form, and I thought he died in battle anyway? Palpatine is frail, Sauron noobishly died as a God, and they chose the WORST actor to play Voldemort in the movies. So this is what happens:

Palpatine calls a force storm while Sauron accidentally falls into some lava while creating the one ring. Voldemort puts on this half ring and gets half power. As the force storm is coming to the planet Voldemort kills Palpatine, but accidentally drops the one ring into his dead mouth. Scared to pick it out, Voldemort dies of the force storm.

Sanarai Iridana

04-08-2011 04:42:07

Well I'm gonna say Voldemort based upon this. :P

Mysterious Ticking Noise

Finally, someone seems to agree with me. I say Voldemort, and I dare to be different.


08-08-2011 23:14:50

To the credit of all three:

Strengths - lightsaber, immense Force power.
Weaknesses - maddened by power, arrogant, frail.

Strengths - God-like, potent, lots and lots of minions.
Weaknesses - Fate tied to the One Ring.

Strengths - Avada Kedavra spell, lots and lots of vile magic, soul sealed in seven near-unbreakable objects.
Weaknesses - Rather useless without magic, reliant on protecting his horcruxes, easily-obsessed, arrogant.

That's my opinion. Make what you will of the winner.