Well :(


16-01-2008 20:57:13

Not fun to say something like this but someone here (where i live) commited suicide and a lot of people knew them and it has made almost everyone in the school feel bad, some because of the way they treated her. I knew both her and her sisters but I didnt see her that much. If you post your condolences i will send them to her best friend so she can see that others know it is hard o the family.

on tuesday i was in german and one of her sisters left the room and when she returned she was in tears. i didnt know what had happened until that night. already after just one day apparently everyone who ever made fun of her has felt extremely bad and many, many others have been grieving even if they didnt really know her entirely.

i saw her every other day and thought she was just sick. ive already sent my condolences and i think some more from other people would help. please only post nice things because i know some people who thought it was just to get some attention. i hope noone here thinks that.

Drichar Deis

18-01-2008 11:20:13

I know what its like to loose a friend, one of my old pals from the army died a couple of months ago on a training exercise, his lorry overturned and killed him.

My condolances my friend.