Clan Caliburnus


29-10-2007 13:13:58

Bet u guys didn't know that caliburnus is the latin form of caliburn! and caliburn was the name of excalibur before they changed it to excalibur.


31-10-2007 08:25:48

Actually, yes, I did know that. Also, the DJB has a House Caliburnus that currently resides as a part of Clan Scholae Palatinae. Bet you didn't know that one! :D


13-08-2008 07:06:22

One theory is that Caliburn was a latin translation of Caledfwlch, which would be the welsh name originally attributed to Excalibur.

And before that it was suposedly called Caladbolg, which was the sword of an Irish king.


18-10-2008 06:12:48

Morg . . . . . smart? . . . . . . Im scared >.<